Maraca with Bible Verse

Maraca with Bible Verse
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Friday, December 18, 2009

Everyday Evangelism-Beautiful Balloons

Up, Up, and Away goes my beautiful balloon. Balloons can be beautiful. Here is the reason why; because they can carry the Gospel message wherever they are taken by the wind. In North Korea, people launch balloons that have the Gospel of Mark on them. They also carry lots of tracts on them and the tracts are distributed wherever they are taken by the balloons. There is another way that the Gospel can be carried around in a virtual sky. It is an I-phone app that is called, "Balloons". It costs 99 cents to download it to your I-phone if you have one. Then you can open the program up and launch your own balloon. You can put a message on it and send it out. I did this last week. After I downloaded the app, I opened the program up on my I-phone and typed in this saying, "Are you good enough for Heaven? How good do you have to be? Go to and take the test to see." I have checked periodically and no one had caught my balloon, until this morning, when I checked its tracking. Someone had popped it and responded like this, "Don't go there its wrong way. Go to if you know what "really" Jesus said then you become a muslim, but you changed it". Now to learn to help people involved in Islam. God loves them and wants them to know Him also. Pray for me to have wisdom in responding to this person. I don't know yet how to work with this 'balloon' program, or if I can respond, but I will look at it later.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Everday Evangelism- Are Tracts Beneficial?

First, I want to make it clear that not everyone I offer a tract to will take it. Most of the time they do, and sometimes they will come to me and ask for more. At Sam's a couple of weeks ago, as I was entering the store, the lady who was the greeter noticed the Giant Money tracts〈=en I had in the basket. I am somewhat apprehensive about boldly carrying in the tracts, especially the large ones, because one time when I was at a Sam's Club, upon entering the store, the lady who was greeting informed me that I was not allowed to pass them out (I didn't think I was passing them out in that area anyway). She assumed that I was and was angry about it. Back to the Sam's Club a couple of weeks ago. One of the cashiers must have received a Giant Money tract from me, and wanted to have more. Of course, she didn't know how to contact me, but mentioned this to the woman who was the greeter. This cashier asked the greeter lady if she would keep an eye open for the person who was giving them out. When I came in, this greeter told me about the cashier who wanted to have more tracts so she could give them out to her friends. I didn't bring in too many that time, so I gave her about 4-5 to give to this cashier. Interesting.
Another time, a couple of years back,at this same Sam's Club, upon entering the store, another greeter lady remembered me from giving out those tracts. She thanked me for that, and was affected by my doing that. I was unprepared for that event, and didn't know what to say. She didn't speak good English, but she gave me a hug.
Yesterday I went to Sam's Club and as I went in there was a new greeter lady. I had the tracts in the basket, remembering how the one greeter lady was angry about them. The lady showed an interest in them and wanted one, so I gave it to her. A few minutes later I could hear someone talking with this greeter and I knew it was about the tract that I just gave her. Before very long, a woman came up to me and wanted one. I gave it to her, and told her what it was, and also explained that the Gospel was on it. She was so grateful for it. She offered to pay me for it. I told her it was a gift from me. You would have thought that I gave her a piece of gold! Well, a couple of hours later, I was at another store, and noticed a small group of women talking in the parking lot. They obviously worked at the same place because they dressed alike. I don't like to give tracts to people who work at the places I visit while I'm in the parking lot because they could tell me that I am not allowed to do that in the parking lot of their store. I can't remember exactly what happened, but I gave one to one of the women and she was very excited! She wanted more for other family members. I explained that the Gospel was on it and she was very glad. She said that it was a good way to witness. There are many stories like this, and I could go on, but this is what happened to me recently in just passing out tracts. Of course, the neatest thing that can happen is when you pass out a tract, and use it as an ice-breaker in sharing the Gospel. That happened last week with a man named Shawn. He only went to church occasionally, maybe even only once in his life at Easter. He didn't know what the 10 Commandments were and I was able to explain the whole Gospel to him. It was great. So, do you think tracts are beneficial? You can decide.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Everyday Evangelism- The Atheist Challenge!

I rarely encounter Atheists when I preach the Gospel, at least not in this part of the country where I live. There is a man on the other side of the country who has responded to a message of the Gospel that I put in a message bottle that goes out to a virtual sea in Facebook. He opened the bottle and responded by telling me that my god does not exist, and that is the happiest news ever. Well, I responded by asking him what proof he has that led him into Atheism. He said that it is obvious that there is no evidence of God, and that the proof of burden is on me. This is a new one for me. Help. You can't prove God from a scientific experiment anymore than you can measure the color of an apple. They are in 2 different categories. This discussion has been ongoing for over a week now and the man continually rebuts whatever I say by saying there is no evidence of a god. Basically I am the one who is blind because I can't see that. My god is imaginary. Well, I left him with the concept of the fact that he is blind because the light that he had at one time is taken away from him. Not only does he not have eyes to see with, but even what light he had has been taken away. What does one do with such a person? Any comments?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Everyday Evangelism- Parking Lot- 10-26-09

I have heard a saying somewhere that said something like this; "I go to the grocery store to preach the Gospel and to pick up a few groceries". Today I went to the grocery store and on my way in were two young men talking. I gave them a tract and was able to have a conversation with them about the Gospel. One of the young men was named Freddie. He told me later in the conversation that he was a youth pastor at a local church. Later he thanked me for what I was doing in sharing the Gospel. The other man was Robert. I enjoyed dialoging with him about the Gospel. I left them with a couple of tracts and said that I would be praying for them. They appreciated that. So if anyone who reads this blog would like to pray for Robert and Freddie, please pray for them. Freddie was very quiet. Robert was answering the questions with honesty. Seemed to understand the Gospel. Not sure if he has come to that place yet where he is grasping his desperate condition before a holy God. I told them to consider the things I shared with them. So please pray for Freddie and Robert. Pray that God will have mercy and that they will have a conviction of sin in their hearts and come to Christ.

ACLJ : ACLJ On Television

ACLJ : ACLJ On Television

Friday, October 23, 2009

Everyday Evangelism- The Message Bottle

In Facebook, there is an application you can go to and make a message that goes inside a bottle into a virtual sea. The recipients of the message bottle are other people who have sent messages out. You send a bottle with a message in it, and you receive other people's bottles. The bottles go all over the world. I have sent 2 bottles out. Both have to do with the "Good Person Test". The second bottle I sent out has a good explanation of the Gospel in it. It is called, "True Love". The bottle was received by an Atheist. The first comment I received from him was that 'there is no god and that is the happiest news of all'. I wrote back asking him what proof he has found that has led him to believe there is no god. He wrote back and said there was no evidence. So I will be praying on how to respond to him. His name is Alexander if anyone wants to be praying for him. He lives in the United States. This is good practice for me. Be praying for me too, that I will know how to answer Alexander. Pray that I will learn to give an answer for every person who asks a reason of the hope in me. Thank you.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Everyday Evangelism- Tuesday In Yoville

Yoville is a game that one can play from Facebook or Myspace. It is a cute game in which a person creates an avatar, gives it a name, receives an apartment, can earn coins in Yoville, can go shopping in Yoville, and do a host of other things. One advantage of being in Yoville is that a person is in a chat room like setting in which conversations with other avatars can take place. We have used Yoville to preach the Gospel to other characters in there. There have been a few that appreciate what we are doing, but some don't. Here is the latest short conversation I had with someone on Tuesday night. Read it and see what you think. Note that it interesting that this other avatar is calling herself a believer. Her name is Yoville is Musha. Here is our short conversation:
Musha: Susan, pls no fire and brimstone.
Susan: Well, not my choice. God is the one Who says so.
Musha: Susan, I am a believer as well, but Jesus wants us to season our speech so that all will taste and see the (this was the end of the sentence. Then she left).
Now I never used the words 'fire and brimstone' so I find this interesting. Somewhere during the conversation we talked about eternity, and probably used the word 'hell' and 'judgment' and 'eternal punishment' at various times. I hear people talk like this a lot. What concerns me is that people are calling themselves Christians, and then in the same breath almost, they say things like "Jesus said..." or things that imply that God is different from what His word tells us. I think we need to be praying for our churches, pastors, country, and our own lives, so that the light of the Gospel can shine through us. I am concerned that there are churches that are probably teaching lies about who Jesus is, probably subtly, but its there. We need to be studying the Scriptures so we can help people understand what the Bible really says. So the next time someone rebukes you for preaching the Gospel and says that Jesus doesn't want us to do that, what will you tell them? "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature". "For I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God unto salvation...." "Woe unto me if I preach not the Gospel"

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Everyday Evangelism- Christmas Caroling Project

It's time to open presents.. Well, not quite yet. It's definitely time to start wrapping. Ever wonder why we open presents and celebrate? Usually, we are celebrating a birthday, or a special holiday. Christmas is like that. We celebrate in many ways. We have parties, open presents, get together as families, go caroling, and a host of other things. Ever wonder why Christmas is so special? When I was a kid, it was the looking forward of getting presents. It was so exciting. Definitely, the best time of the year, even better than my birthday! Well, I hope to have a present to offer to 30 people at Christmas time. It is the book, "More Than a Carpenter" by Josh McDowell. It is a small book describing who Jesus is. It is a great defense book for the deity of Christ. Actually we have about 18 of them, along with the John Piper books. I am going to wrap them and put them into bags when we go Christmas caroling in December and give them to the people in the homes we get to sing to. What are we celebrating when we celebrate Christmas? We are celebrating the most important event that ever took place. It was the beginning of God's plan for mankind's redemption. God had to come down to earth, and take on flesh (which is where we get the word, 'incarnation'), and live a perfect life so He could take on Himself the sins of the world. We are celebrating that whole event in December. There is speculation that Jesus was born in December, but only God really knows, and it doesn't really matter. That is the time that was chosen for the event to be celebrated. Now here is a question for you. Will the devil be celebrating the day that you leave this planet? Is your life having an impact for the Kingdom of God in such a way that is making the devil unhappy? How is your life being lived today? Is is for your own desires and glory, or is it for the glory of God? Is Jesus living big in your heart, or is there still darkness there? Is your life like a light that shines the Gospel to those around you? " For me to live is Christ...To die is gain". "Only one life twill soon be past; Only what's done for Christ will last"

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Everyday Evangelism- Telephone Evangelism

Over the weekend, I didn't get to spend time talking to people one-on-one like I would have liked to have done, but, instead, my phone rang a lot, and I usually don't answer those phone calls, unless the number is familiar, but this time I did. The first phone call was from a woman who wanted my husband to do a survey. He wasn't available to come to the phone, so I asked her if anyone had ever shared the Gospel with her. She didn't speak English very well, and I don't think she understood my question. She tried to ask me something about it which I didn't understand. Oh well. She hung up on me : (
Well, right after that, the phone rang again. This time it was The Republican National Committee. I was sorry I picked up the phone because they don't take "no" for an answer, but I gave it a shot anyway. I explained that we weren't going to do that, but my husband is supporting individual candidates. I was surprised at the end of the conversation when I asked her if I could ask her a question, then I brought up the Gospel. She listened and didn't mind taking a few minutes to hear it. I tried to get as much in as I could in a short amount of time. She thanked me for the conversation, and seemed to really appreciate it to some degree. Well after I was done talking to her, not too much later, the phone rang again. This time is was a call supporting a particular candidate. At the end of the conversation, I asked the woman the same thing, and went into the Gospel with her, as well. She listened, and I was able to communicate the parts of the Gospel that were important. Well, I trust I did anyway. Well, yesterday, the phone rang, and my son picked it up and answered it. It was for me, and it was a person asking about the hike in our electric bill. It was actually a salesperson for a solar heating company. I would not have answered the phone, but since it was already in my hand, hey, why not preach the Gospel again! So I let this lady talk, and tried to be friendly. Again, I asked her if she would mind if I asked her a question. She was fine with that, and I was able to tell her the Gospel too! She listened, even though she should have been careful about the time she spent because the call was being monitored, she took the time to listen. I was amazed. I didn't look for these opportunities to talk to these people, but they came my way, and 3 of them listened and heard the words of life. Not everyone responds to phone call evangelism like these 3 did, and I am grateful for that opportunity to have ministered the Word of God to them. Now, to pray that God will work in their hearts, and that they will have other opportunities to hear the Gospel again! God is at work!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Everyday Evangelism-September 17, 2009 - Updates

Lots of new ideas are on the horizon. I now have a blog page specifically made for people that I talk to and want to continue the conversation of the Gospel. The url is: . Well, I talked with a man named Mark over the weekend. Very nice to talk to and he seemed to be searching. I didn't get to go into all the specifics of the Gospel, but briefly touched on some things. I gave him some tracts and the new url also. I would love for anyone who feels so led to pray for him. He seemed to understand about God's sovereignty, and believed that our conversation was from God. A couple of days later, I was going to my car from an Office-Depot store and talked with a man, who I think is Jose. I was talking with him and he seemed very interested in hearing the Gospel, which he said he had never heard before. His cell phone went off, and he told the person on the other end, to call back in three minutes. The person called back a few minutes later and he really had to go. I gave him the How Good Are You? tract. When I opened the car door, I realized that I had a business card in my hand. I think he must have given it to me before he left. That is why I think his name is Jose. I found the email address and wrote out the Gospel for him and sent it on. Haven't heard back from him though.
Today I was at Publix for a really quick shopping trip. Had to go to pick up something to eat, go home, then pick up my son and leave for The Great Debate. Well, when I was emptying my shopping cart, one of the bag boys took the empty cart to bring it back into the store. I had a Million Dollar Bill tract rolled up in the cart. He saw the tract and started reading it. He said that he thought there was no way anyone could ever know for sure that they could go to heaven. Wow! If only I would have had more time I would have probably had a good conversation with him. I told him his question was a good one, and gave him a How Good Are You? tract. It is neat to see how God is working. I am praying that God will prepare the hearts of the people even before they get the tracts. Some of them have responded even before I give them the tracts. I love to see God at work. I'm looking forward to seeing what God will do in the coming days. Right now I have a little bit of time for Yoville, and things are happening there too. But I will save that for another blog entry.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Everyday Evangelism-September 11, 2009-Thoughts

"Will it be door number one, door number two or door number three?" Those are the words that one would hear while watching a game show in the 60's. That sounds a lot
like how people think their relationship with God should be. They assume that nobody really knows what God is all about, so, hey, lets just pick something to believe in. Maybe it will be right, or maybe it won't. Most of the time, people believe in a particular religion (or denomination) because they were raised that way, or, someone brought them into it, and it served them in some way. I recall a story of a great uncle of mine, who married a Jehovah's Witness. From what I understood, the woman became a Jehovah's Witness because one time she was very ill, and a group of them served her while she was sick. So there you go. Someone reached out to her because she had a need. Too bad we aren't more sensitive to people's needs like that. But we don't want people to come into our churches or fellowships because we served them (although God can use that to expose them to the Truth). We want friends and family to come to Christ because they have been convicted of their sin, and are looking for a way to be forgiven and delivered from their sin. We don't have to make a guess about what God said about Himself and our need for Him. We can read in the Bible how God sent His Son to us, to deliver us from our sin. He became the Ultimate Sacrifice for our sin. There is a reason why we believe in Jesus. And we can know what we believe in and why we believe it. It is not a guessing game without any information given to us. Jesus said that He is the way, the Truth, and the life and no one comes to the Father but through Him. How much clearer could it be? We know which door to pick. It is not door number one, two, or three. Jesus said that He is the door. The choice is now clear. Which door will you pick?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Everyday Evangelism-September 9, 2009

For those of you going to the Deeper Conference,please take special note of Greg Koukl. This man is so insightful on dealing tactfully with people, and speaking the truth in love. His teachings have helped me tremendously in having meaningful conversations with people. Here is his web site:

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Everyday Evangelism-September 1, 2009

Today I was at Walmart, as usual, and as I was getting ready to pay for my items, the cashier, a young African American lady noticed the MDB (million dollar bill tracts) that I had in my basket. I actually give cashiers, at least most of the time, a Giant Money tract, but this lady noticed the million dollar bill tracts. So she looked at the MDB and I said she could have it. She went back to the cash register (she was by my basket scanning a large bag) and she was reading the tract. I was concerned that people behind me would become angry. I explained that it was a Gospel tract. She did finish ringing up the items, but seemed a little disturbed. She couldn't seem to get over the fact that "lusting" was the same as "committing adultery". She seemed really concerned and I felt helpless in trying to help her. I asked her if she had a Bible at home, and she said she did. I encouraged her to read it. Now what I really wished I had was a web page set up, with the basic Gospel on it, that I could have given her the URL to. I wished I would have had made up business cards with my name and email address so I could have given that to her and encouraged her to email me with any questions she has. I think her name was Stacy if anyone would pray for her. I hope to see her again, or hope someone else will come along and share the Gospel with her.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Everyday Evangelism-August 25, 2009-Yoville

"Life has many choices. Eternity has only 2." "God is uncreated. He never had a beginning and has always been in existence." "150,000 people die every day. Where do they go?" and "Are you good enough for heaven? How good do you have to be?" What do these statements have in common? They are the quotes that I use in Yoville, a Face Book game that is similar to Second Life. I am not a game person and don't understand directions to games, so I am already challenged to play this game. But this game provides a way to come in contact with different people. There are different scenaries in Yoville, all of which, at some time or other, have people in them. The people have silly names some times, but behind every avatar (character) there is a human being that needs to hear the Gospel. Yoville is a game that has a city setting, and each person that creates a character, gets an apartment. Each character can earn money by going to the factory a couple of times a day. The people in Yoville are generally hardened to the Gospel, but some are interested. Usually, but not always, someone wants to be my buddy when I have gone out preaching the Gospel. You can see how deceived people are by their responses to the Gospel. Some of them think that sharing the Gospel is 'shoving God in their faces' as one person put it. But they don't understand it is good for them to hear the Gospel. That is how faith comes about. Only in eternity will we know how many people will be reached with the truths of the Gospel. We need to be faithful to find places where we can 'publish' God's word so people can see it. We need to pray that God will give them eyes to see with and that He will open up their hearts and minds to the Scriptures. Yoville is just one way to do that. There are many ways to reach people, and we need to look at ourselves and let God work His grace in our hearts, then, we can minister to others. And we need to use our talents and skills to bring glory to Him and tell others, in such a way, so that the cloud that is between them and God will dissolve and they will see Him more clearly.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Everyday Evangelism- Christmas Caroling Project Preparations

It is only 4 months until December and I decided it is time to get ready for the Christmas Caroling Project this year. We will need a group of people to meet together to sing and play instruments, as we visit homes in the month of December to bring our Christmas greetings to. We would like to represent Metro Life Church and minister to families, if possible, in the vicinity of the church building. We will take an evening and go door to door and sing the old Christmas carols that are based upon Biblical truths. Each family will receive a bag which contains a book, a toy with the Gospel message on it somehow, some candy and cookies, a bookmark, a bar of homemade soap, and whatever other suggestions people have. We will go to about 30 houses, and if we have enough people, we will divide up into 2 groups. Then each group will go to 15 houses, and when we are done we will come back to the host house. Anyone who lives close to the church building, say within 5-7 miles, would be a good candidate for hosting this event. We would love to sing to your neighbors and provide an open door for them to soften up to us and you, the host, so that should they have any questions, they would feel more comfortable about asking them. Last year, we had one lady who was very touched and started crying and opening up. The year before that we had a lady thank my son-in-law for the caroling and the bread, the day after we went caroling in his neighborhood. This will be a good opportunity to show hospitality for Metro, and will leave the book with them, "More Than a Carpenter" by Josh McDowell. Anyone interested in being part of this in any form, please let me know. Contact me. There is quite a bit of preparation and everyone can do something, so it won't become stressful for any one person.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Everyday Evangelism- 08/04/09-Yoville and Walmart

Well the Walmart idea didn't work out so well. I went to the manager and she didn't understand what a prayer station was, nor did she really care to find out. She just said that her manager only has Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts set up tables. But I have seen the prayer stations done at a park, so that is an idea I am going to look into. Another thing I am doing, is going into Face Book and one of the application programs is called " Yoville". It is like a chat room where they give you an apartment and ways to make money and a virtual city where you can go shopping and buy things to decorate your apartment. What they don't know is that it provides a great opportunity to chat with people and communicate the Gospel in the different parts of the town. The best place is right in front of the apartment building where the hot dog stand is. There are lots of other figures there, and each figure has a person behind it that needs to hear the Gospel. It is very similar to doing open air as there are hecklers there, and people try to distract by wanting you to play games with them. Others are interested and ask questions. I have one lady who was irritated because of my preaching, so she asked to be my buddy, to which I said yes to. She became my buddy so she could email me and let me know that she didn't like what I was doing. But she did have questions. In one of them she wanted to know what God has ever done for me. The other one she was asking wanted to know if I really cared for the people, or was I just saying that. When I was talking to the people in that area in front of the apartment building, I told them that I cared for them. I guess she wanted to make sure that what I was saying was really true. Anyway, it is cool to be out there and proclaiming the Gospel. I feel like I need to become part of this game so I can go into the world of these lost people. So, I invite those of you to join me in Yoville if you are my friend on Face Book.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Everyday Evangelism - July 26, 2009- Church Parking Lot

Today we went to the church meeting, as usual on a Sunday morning. We were learning from the book of Hebrews again, seeing Christ in the Old Testament. He is revealed in the New Testament as our Great High Priest. A piece of furniture that was missing from the place where the priests used to carry out their sacrifices, was the chair. When Jesus was finished with offering the sacrifice of Himself, the Bible says that He sat down. In the Old Testament the priests were not able to sit, because they were always offering sacrifices. They were a picture of what Jesus was going to do for us. He only had to die one time. No more need for sacrifices. The final one had been offered, and the curtain was torn. The way to the holy of holies was now open. We can come boldly to the throne.
Now after the meeting was over, I left and was heading toward the car. There was a guy on a bike and I offered him a tract. He stopped and we talked for a couple of minutes. I shared the Gospel with him. He didn't speak English well, and I tried to communicate with him as best as I could. I would explain a Bible truth to him, and his usual response was "I know" or " I know that". He did admit to not being a good person, but I didn't sense a deep conviction of sin. I gave him 4 tracts to go home with. Please be praying for him. His name is Lisandro. He was very kind to talk to.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Everyday Evangelism- July 23, 2009 Walmart

I love shopping at Walmart. When it is not so hot out, there are lots of people that you can talk to. I try to make my way in while I walk across the parking lot to give out tracts and start conversations with people. Today I met a young man named Chris. Gave him a tract, and shared the Gospel with him. He didn't seem to understand the Gospel when I first started talking to him, but seemed to understand later on in the conversation. I invited him to church on Sunday and he said he wanted to come. He said he would bring a friend. Now I have great plans for me and Walmart. I have been reading about Tony's Prayer Station and today I went to go look for the manager of the store so I could get a PD-38 form. She wasn't in, but will be in tomorrow. I will look over the form and see if we will be able to set up a Prayer Station at our Walmart here. I would like to have friends that would be interested in being at the Prayer Station with me when I would do them. Of course, we have to make sure we get permission first. Wouldn't that be cool? (Well, maybe in the fall or winter : ) Would love to plan to be out there once a month at the Prayer Station.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Everyday Evangelism- July 21, 2009

What an exciting night at The Conversation tonight. It it week # 6, next week being the last class. People are asking for something to continue. We have approximately 40 people attending, with lots of help from the Metro people. Tonight as I was in the lobby waiting for the late people to be coming in, I noticed a skateboarder who was flying in front of the church building. Whenever I see a skateboarder, I am inclined to go after them because they seem to respond to listening to the Gospel. So I told a co-worker who was standing next to me that I wanted to get him. Of course, by the time I would have gotten out there to get to him, he would have been long gone. So my co-worker asked me if she should go get him. I told her "Go" and she did. She caught up with him and invited him to the free dinner. He responded, and came in, skateboard in arm, and joined for the dinner and as far as I know, stayed for the whole meeting. Now I am impressed. His name is Andy and we need to pray for him. I'm sure he heard the Gospel and God will be working in his heart. I hope he comes back next week.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Everyday Evangelism- July 18, 2009

Today I had just a little more time to shop and didn't have much to get at the stores. I am a little surprised that it still took about 2 hours to go into Walmart and then down the road to Sam's and back home. But the time allotment today was good, for I wasn't pressed hard to get back home or to some appointment. I gave out several tracts and when I was at Sam's, I gave a Giant Money tract to a young man, who refused to take it. I asked him why, and he didn't want it. I asked him if anyone had ever shared the Gospel with him, and he said he has his own beliefs. I asked him what he thought was on the other side after we die, and he really didn't know, and said he would find out when he gets there. He actually was easy to talk to, and I continued to ask him some pointed questions. I finally left him with this; I said to him, "You need to get a hold of a Bible, in the New Testament find the book of Luke. Then read Luke chapter 16, and then think about if you still feel the same way about eternity". He said he would and I told him I would be praying for him. He didn't give me his name, but he was a young man in front of Sam's entrance/exit doors. God knows his name and we can be praying that other people will be coming across his path to share the Gospel with him so he can repent and come to faith. Thank God for opportunities to preach the Gospel!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Everyday Evangelism- July 14, 2009

For those of you who can pray, please pray for a lady I met at Walmart last summer, whose name is Dee. I met her last summer in the store and got to know her a little bit. She had a difficulty because she had too many dogs in her apartment and had to sell one of them. We prayed for a buyer and God provided for that. I didn't know that happened until I met her again in Walmart, when she told me about it. I gave her some tracts and invited her to Metro, and she was considering coming. I met her again at Sam's the other day. It seems like God is bringing her into my path every so often. She doesn't appear to be a believer, and has a Greek Orthodox background. She is 78 years old, and has a deceased son. There is a shower planned for her great granddaughter who is going to have a baby and I am planning on stopping in. Please pray for her heart to be softened to the Gospel. I gave her some tracts one time, but haven't really explained the Gospel to her yet. She is very open to friendship and she enjoys talking. I desire to be able to share biblical truths with her and am looking for the open door for that, but I want to do it tactfully, and with a lot of grace.

Monday, July 13, 2009

George Street with Frank Jenner

Everyday Evangelism- July 13, 2009

Sorry about the last update. The video did not upload properly. I could not find the files for the video on my computer to upload it, so I transfered the video to another place where I could find it, but something was lost in the transfer. Am in the process of finding where the video files are located on my computer so I can upload it in the future. Not getting much of a response though. Guess nobody else knows where they are either : (
On a better note, I made $10 at the garage sale. That is great considering I wasn't really out there to sell much. I made 9 loaves of cinnamon bread, and a dozen cookies, which was where I made most of my money. I was really out there to learn how to do a garage sale, on my own, and to set up a table with evangelism material on it, so that people would come by and hopefully, start conversations about the Gospel. We really did not have too many people show up for the garage sale, as it was hot outside during the middle of the summer. Usually, our subdivision has the garage sale in October. Not sure why they planned on in the middle of summer. It was good experience for me, and I will continue to learn how to improve the methods of evangelism in the coming garage sale events that we will have in the future. Hopefully, will have lots more conversations with people in the future about the things of God.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Everyday Evangelism - July 9, 2009

Getting ready for a garage sale on Saturday. I am not a garage sale person, but I do have a couple of things to sell. Will make some cinnamon bread loaves also. They sell quickly. I need the money to pay for tracts and things like that and can use every cent I get. I am slowly coming up with ideas that will lead to evangelism opportunities at the garage sale. I am also open to any suggestions people have on this. I will have a table set out with tracts, so people can ask questions. I will also have the beach balls that have the saying on them: side 1; What can wash away my sin? side 2; Nothing but the blood of Jesus. The frisbies have John 14:6 on them. Both have the url for the Good Person Test, I was thinking about doing a magic card trick. Here is what it should look like. I place 21 cards in 3 piles (7 in each pile). I ask a person to select a card but don't tell me what it is. Just tell me which pile it is in. I gather up the cards and put them in a pile. Then I redistribute them just like I did before and ask the same question. I do this three times. Then I will ask a question like "Who is the only person who has risen from the dead?" Of course, the answer is "Jesus Christ" and for each letter of that I will put a card down. When I get to the last card, it should be the card that they selected. Very interesting. I still don't know why this trick works, but it does.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Everday Evangelism-July 7, 2009

The maracas are on their way to the publishers. I will use them at celebrations like Halloween and our wonderful Christmas caroling event in December. I took some little beach balls and frisbies with the Gospel message on them and gave them out at the Red, Hot, and Boom. I don't think the maracas will be here before Saturday, but if they come, I will put them out at the garage sale that we are having this weekend. I don't have much to sell, but will put out a table with some tracts on it. Oh, I ordered a gorilla puppet, and I think they are sending it out tomorrow. Will have to learn ventriloquism real quick if it comes on Friday. I hope for opportunities to talk about the Gospel with people on Saturday morning. I hope for opportunities to share the Gospel when I go to the grocery store. I like the saying I heard somewhere that goes something like this; "I go to the grocery store to share the Gospel, and while I am there to pick up some groceries." Don't know where this came from but it makes sense.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Everyday Evangelism on Monday, July 6th, 1009

Today I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out how to convert my jpg files into pdf files. I am in the beginning stages of making my order for 250 maracas with the verse on them that says "There is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus...". So in order for me to process the order, I have to have the verse and web site saved as a pdf file. I researched this on the internet and found a way to do it. The files were converted and uploaded to the company that is going to have the maracas printed up. After I did that, I realized I wasn't completely satisfied with the design of the Bible verse with the web site, so I had to find the programs I used on my computer, then redo the Bible verse and web site. Got it done and converted it and uploaded that one too. Now hope the lady who is helping me doesn't get confused!I hope she reads through all the emails I sent to her today, and gets to the last one, the one with the best design for the maracas. Now, trustingly, she won't tell me that my design is too large for the space to be printed on the maracas. Will update again tomorrow. Oh, tomorrow is the time I will have to begin to plan the evangelism part of the garage sale we will have on Saturday....

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Everyday Evangelism- July 5th, 2009

Well here is something cool that has happened. I am planning my next project of having some type of toy with an imprint of the Gospel or a Bible verse depending on the size of the toy. I have to have around $400 to order 250 of the selected toy. Well I reached the goal on Friday of the $400, so now I have to decide on the item. I chose the maracas which has a small space for imprinting. I went to the web site to call to ask questions about ordering them, and noticed that they were on sale! So, if I order them I will have to pay around $331 dollars for the total order. Also, I am trusting that what I want to have imprinted with fit in the 1 1/4" X 1" space. Here is what I chose for the imprint "There is one God and one mediator between God and man, the man Christ". Well I am excited about this and will look forward to using them, maybe even this weekend at the garage sale in our neighborhood, and certainly at events like Halloween and Christmas. And with the money left over, I am planning on buying a puppet and doing my best at learning ventriloquism. May God's word go out with power and affect the lives of many people for eternity.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Everyday Evangelism

Here is a blog I am beginning to create. Most of the subjects will have to do with theology or evangelism. I will welcome questions that people post, but please make sure if you do post a question, that you are looking for answers along with me. I love to hear how others think, and I am ok to be friends with people who I may disagree with on different subjects. We can banter about on many things, but always must be careful to not be mean or hateful to others that we disagree with. Please, always be gracious in whatever you say here. I will put questions here from time to time, so lets be patient with each other and kind. No attacking people here please. Let everything be done in love and decency, always speaking the Truth in love.