Maraca with Bible Verse

Maraca with Bible Verse
1 Timothy 2:5

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Everyday Evangelism- The Atheist Challenge!

I rarely encounter Atheists when I preach the Gospel, at least not in this part of the country where I live. There is a man on the other side of the country who has responded to a message of the Gospel that I put in a message bottle that goes out to a virtual sea in Facebook. He opened the bottle and responded by telling me that my god does not exist, and that is the happiest news ever. Well, I responded by asking him what proof he has that led him into Atheism. He said that it is obvious that there is no evidence of God, and that the proof of burden is on me. This is a new one for me. Help. You can't prove God from a scientific experiment anymore than you can measure the color of an apple. They are in 2 different categories. This discussion has been ongoing for over a week now and the man continually rebuts whatever I say by saying there is no evidence of a god. Basically I am the one who is blind because I can't see that. My god is imaginary. Well, I left him with the concept of the fact that he is blind because the light that he had at one time is taken away from him. Not only does he not have eyes to see with, but even what light he had has been taken away. What does one do with such a person? Any comments?



    Science can't tell us why kindness is better than cruelty - yet we still believe it to be true

    Science can't tell us how the laws of mathematics and logic came to exist or why they came to exist but we still live as though they do exist. If he says these laws exist to prove science he is arguing in a circular manner.

    Science can't explain or prove metaphysical truths;
    . there are minds other than my own
    . the external world is real
    . the external world didn't begin to exist ten minutes ago appearing as aged.

    Science can't prove or disprove ethical beliefs
    . Whether the Nazis did anything evil

    Science can't rule on asthetic judgments
    . Beauty and goodness can't be proven

    Science itself can't be justified by the scientific method of inquiry.

    Don't fear these guys. They're all bluff and bluster. They've surrounded themselves with a barrier of misinformation. Give them eyewitness testimony and they'll say eye-witness testimony isn't reliable. Give them teaching that was learned from an eyewitness and they'll reject it as hearsay.

    God Bless - See you there!

  2. Just like people who claim that the holocaust never happened...even the proof of photos,witnesses,people who lived in those camps testimony wont change their minds if they dont want to believe it. Only God can change them. But i was told that when Jesus was risen from the dead that it was documented by the Romans and caused a wide spread conversion to christianity. I dont have a source though but im sure with research it could be found

  3. It helps to remember that we are not the ones who will save anyone, nor even prove anything to anyone. Only the Holy Spirit can do that. We must be faithful to bring the words that God gives to us for them, but he is the one who will turn the heart.