Maraca with Bible Verse

Maraca with Bible Verse
1 Timothy 2:5

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Everyday Evangelism- Parachutes and Helium Balloons

Here is a unique idea on how to spread the Gospel. Make some parachutes out of muslin material, attach thin rope, and presto, you have your parachute. This is actually being done right now in Columbia. People in America are making the parachutes (from a pattern obtainable from Voice of the Martyrs) and sending them in. They are collected and sent off to Columbia where they will have Bibles or radios attached to them, then they will be dropped from a plane. As people see these parachutes, they can find the radios (which are pretuned to a Christian channel) or the Bibles that are attached. The Gospel can go out via parachutes sent out from a plane.
How would that work in America? Are there places we can do this as well? Well, if you have a plane available it could be possible! Another option would be to attach the items to helium balloons. There are a couple of difficulties we have in America that aren't in other countries. We have cars to contend with. Could a parachute land on a car? I don't know. We can pray for God to direct the balloons and parachutes. There isn't the need here yet to attach radios to the parachutes because we can still legally listen to Christian radio and get solid Bible teachings. But could we make these parachutes and send them off. I think we could. If we could make sure they would work, we could attach parachute men to them with tracts attached, or just put the tracts with the parachutes. We attached balloons with tracts on them and sent them off. We don't know where they landed (except the ones that ended up in a neighbor's tree!), but God knows and He can send them where He wants them to go.
We sent a tract attached to 3 balloons up in the air from our driveway. Very interesting experience. The balloons got caught in a neighbor's tree at the very top. The balloons were red, black and green. A Giant Money tract was attached to them. The balloons were very noticeable at first and it looked like our neighbors were having a party! During the day the Giant Money tract hung in such a way that it looked like part of the tree, but the front of the tract was facing the road! It looked like money was growing on the tree. Now who will read that tract? Perhaps a tree trimmer will find it. Maybe the wind will blow it down once the balloons have deflated. One thing I learned from that experience was to make sure you are in an open space when letting the balloons go up! Now I am on a hunt for a place that doesn't have a bunch of trees around it or telephone wires that the balloons could get caught in. Again, God can direct the tracts where He wants them to go. Let's pray that they will be found by the exact people who will need to see them, whose hearts God is preparing to know Him.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Everyday Evangelism- Fall Festival and Flying Tracts

We had our Family Fun Fall Festival today, and I was in charge of the evangelism tent. We had a lot of people that came to this event. I have a lot of things on the tables, and one of the items, the illusion poster with Einstein's picture on it, was there (although we had a hard time getting it to stay up). People would come by and look at it and start asking us questions on it. I also had the Lie Detector and that was neat. Kids were fascinated with it and would try to analyze it. Both of those items were great ice-breakers. What was really neat about today was that quite a few people signed up to help out, and many of them were able to share the Gospel with people that came to the table. One of my friends told me that this whole event was worth it, just for the time she got to talk to a Jewish lady named Barbara. She was able to share the Gospel with her. Barbara wasn't open to the Gospel yet, but she listened. One of the men was able to talk to a group of teens. He so enjoyed being able to share the Gospel with these kids. And they were open. I got to share with a couple of people too. Please pray for Barbara, and the others who heard the Gospel today, that they would have eyes to see who God is and their need for a Savior.
Another neat thing I did was to attach tracts to helium balloons and release them in the air. The tracts went way high in the air, then they disappeared and we have no idea where they landed (or when they came down). We prayed for them to land in the right places. Some of the tracts were attached to parachute men, which made it a little heavier. We did a couple of Giant Money tracts and it was funny to see them flying up in the air. One almost got tangled up in the telephone wire. They all went way up and then disappeared. I took some pictures, but only one you can really see the balloons in. Overall, this was a great evangelism event. I'm going to try to post my picture in this forum, but it might be too big. Feel free to look at the pictures I already have posted.
I think I am going to look further into helium balloons. Wouldn't that be cool if there was a helium balloon shaped like a blimp? Put a Giant Money tract under it and let it sail! Also thought about doing rocket balloons, but the rocket balloons didn't go up. It just kind of coiled like a snake. It would be hard to put a tract on that and have it go anywhere.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Everyday Evangelism-Christmas Caroling Project

"O Come All Ye Faithful". Hot cocoa, Gingerbread cookies, Scrooge. The memories of Christmas. The true meaning of Christmas is becoming more and more distant as time goes on. At least in America. "Let's keep Christ in Christmas" is a plea we are hearing today. Keep in mind that people don't celebrate the holiday the way that you and I celebrated it when we were kids. Christmas caroling, which has long been part of the Christmas season, is also declining. But here is what we can do. We have an excellent opportunity to do evangelism during this whole holiday season. Christmas time is an excellent time to take advantage of in preaching the Gospel. So here is just one way, out of many, that the work of evangelism can take place.
Every year, sometime in early December, we have a group of people who are willing to use their voices and instruments to the glory of God. We have old Christmas carols that are based upon the historical event of the nativity. But songs that most everyone is familiar with. Someone in the church will open their home to meet in and get organized. Depending upon how many people come out to go caroling, will determine how many groups can go out. The first time we did this we had quite a large group. We divided up into two groups. One group went one way, and the other group went to another set of houses. We sang at least two carols at each house we visited, and told the people at the house that we were from Metro Life Church . Children are invited to be part of the caroling. We have a goodie bag ready to give to the family we are singing to. If possible, we have the children hand the bag to the person at the door. In the bag there is a book, a toy, homemade soap, a bookmark, and some other items that we put together. The book we will use this year is Josh McDowell's book called, 'More Than a Carpenter'. The toys are beach balls, frisbies, or maracas with a Bible verse or saying on them. Sometimes we put a schedule of church events in it. Of course, the main thing that we need to be doing now is to pray. Pray for the hearts of the people to be receptive to the Gospel. Pray for them to have ears to hear God's voice. Pray that they would have a deep conviction of sin and would repent and come to Christ.
The first year we did this, we had one lady respond to my son in law a couple of days later. We held the caroling at my daughter's house and the next day a woman told my son in law that she enjoyed the caroling. She said that she missed it since she moved to Florida and appreciated the bread in the bag. The following year, we had the caroling at someone else's house. A lady on around the block seemed affected and had tears in her eyes. It gave the person who hosted the event an opportunity to get reacquainted with her since she was a widow and enjoyed having the daughters over to play cards with a long time ago.
When we are all done, we go back to the host house for hot cocoa and fellowship. It provides a great memory as well as an opportunity for making His name known.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Everyday Evangelism- Never a Dull Moment in Evangelism

On Monday, I went to one of my favorite stores, Sam's Club. I only needed to get four items and hoped to be out of the store easily, for, the weather was nice and that means more people are shopping and walking through the parking lots of the stores. I got inside the store and encountered a young man who was trying to sell a product. I took the product and will use it for a present later on. He saw the million dollar bill tracts I had and had already seen them before. In fact, he recommended that I give them out to as many people as I could! I got to talking a little bit to him, and as we were talking, he make mention of 'his girl'. Well, that could mean a girl friend. Not unusual at all. I probed further. I asked him about his 'girl'. Well, I found out that he was living with her and they had a couple of children together. I was saddened. I asked him where he went to church, and he said he didn't go anywhere. It is possible that I might see this man again, and hopefully will be able to go further with the Gospel with him. Please pray for a strong conviction of his sins and that God would grant him repentance. His name is Ira. I think I'll get out my 10 Commandment coins and give him one and hope that will lead to the Gospel. Thanks.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Everyday Evangelism-Are There Different Ways to Believe in Jesus?

I have a feeling that people are thinking that there are different ways that we can believe in Jesus. At least, they agree with the Bible about Whom they should believe in. But now the question remains, are there different ways people can come to Jesus? Let me explain further: I put a Bible verse on my Face Book status a couple of days ago. Here is the verse I put there:

1 Cor. 6:9,10 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

So far, so good right? Well, a person challenged me with a response that goes something like this: I like the Bible verse Acts 16:31, the 'easy' way to come to God. I thought about it for a minute. Basically, Acts 16:31 has to do with the Philippian jailor wanting to know what he had to do in order to be saved. We actually don't know how much background information on the Gospel this man had. Maybe Paul and Silas's singing had words that he could hear, and the Gospel was communicated to him through the singing. Maybe he had heard the Gospel from somewhere else, or maybe God was revealing Himself to this man and making his heart ready for him to come to Christ. Whatever it was that caused him to ask the question about salvation, and caused Paul to respond by saying to him "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved...", he had enough understanding to know that God is holy and that he was a sinful man in need of a Savior. This man's life was changed and now he was serving the prisoners that were in there because of their faith in Christ! Salvation only comes to those who are repentant and will come to Jesus in faith. So can we conclude that there is an 'easy' way to be saved that doesn't require us to repent? How would you respond to someone who makes that kind of remark when you talk about sin? If you preach the Gospel to others, you will probably hear this, among other remarks that are similar, so be ready for them. Help these people come out of deception so they can see the light.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Everyday Evangelism- Preaching the Gospel is Medicine for the Soul

"Preaching the Gospel is Medicine for the Soul." As time goes on, I am beginning to understand how healthful it is to be preaching the Gospel. It is like medicine for our souls. Today, I was at the store, and, as I was checking out my groceries, I had a money tract in the cart. The cashier, a young woman, made a comment on it, just at the same time another cashier overheard her. She told the young woman that I always have those with me (talking about the tracts). I assumed she was familiar with the tract and I must have given her one, some time ago. I explained to my cashier that it was worth more than gold. Somehow, the three of us got into an explanation that led to the Gospel message. The other cashier, who was originally just a bystander, was now joining in on the conversation. My cashier was amazed that lusting after another person was the same as committing adultery. The bystanding cashier made the statement that it is a matter of asking for forgiveness. Well, the line was being held up, while my cashier was reading the tract, and the other cashier had to take care of people who were waiting in line. But she wanted a money tract. I looked for one in my purse and couldn't find one, even though I know they were there. I gave them both invitations to "The Conversation", a series of classes being held by the church I attend (Metro Life while I continued to look for the money tract. It was hard to believe the patience of the people waiting in line to be checked out, and watching the cashier read the tract intently, and not having anyone complain! I hope that the little conversation we had today, along with the word of life that are written on the tracts will put a pebble in their shoes. I pray that they will be disturbed, not because I wish ill on them, but I want their hearts to be affected by the Gospel, and I pray that they will be looking for an answer for their sin. Please pray that God will reveal Himself to these two women, and that they will respond to the call of God as they hear His voice calling them. But the really neat part of this is how preaching the Gospel ministers to my soul, as well as theirs. Nothing is more satisfying than preaching the Gospel. And it ministers to our own souls as well as to the souls of others.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Everyday Evangelism-"I Thank God For You Telling Me.."

We had a great time at a jazz festival in Crane's Roost last Saturday evening. When we got there, it was nice and hot, and although we got to pass out a lot of tracts, it didn't seem like there were people there to talk to, or at least hold a conversation with. We had a table out, with tracts on it, and there were also toys, like the imprinted beach ball, which reads on one side, "What Can Wash Away My Sin?", and on the other side it reads, "Nothing But The Blood of Jesus" with the web site included. Out of the three toys offered (maracas, beach balls, and flying discs) the beach balls always win. The maracas have the Bible verse, 1 Timothy 2:5 imprinted on them, and the flying discs have John 14:6 on them. Both very important verses for this time in our culture. As the night went on, the music was loud, as expected, but we did have more conversations with people. Toward the end of the evening, I talked with a group of three young men who were full of energy. They looked to be college age, maybe, but one indicated that he was married. I was able to take them through the whole Gospel, Old Testament and all, and when I explained what the bad news was, one of the young men seemed really concerned about wanting to hear what the good news was. So I continued to explain, in detail, the Gospel to them. One of the young men had lots of questions about things, good questions, of course, but we had to stay on the Gospel. When I finally got done telling them the whole story, the one young man said out loud, something to this effect, "When I go home, I am going to thank God out loud for you telling me this". He seemed affected by the Gospel, and hopefully, the words will stay with him the rest of his life. I pray that he will never be the same, and that salvation will take root in his heart. I would request for you to pray for him, that God would grant him repentance and faith, and that he will bring much glory to God through his life. His name is Jaquan.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Everyday Evangelism- "Which Gospel?"

I was at the grocery store the other day, and while I was by my car, I offered a tract to a woman. I did the usual explaining that there was a fun quiz on it, and if she gets stuck, the answers are on it. She took it, almost reluctantly, looking at it with suspicion. I knew I had nothing to lose, so I told her that the Gospel message was on it. Then she asked a most interesting question. She said, "Which Gospel?". I was taken by surprise, and said that it was the Gospel that was in the Bible. But I told her that her question was a very good one. There are many Gospels going around, and it is good to find out which one we are talking about. Her demeanor changed, and she took the tract more readily. What I learned from that experience was that first of all, there are many 'gospels' out there, and we need to be clear on a few basic facts when we do get to present the Gospel (deity of Christ, atonement on the Cross, judgment, etc.). Some of the gospels that are going around have some similarities to the real thing, but there is always a glitch. Most of the people I talk to believe that Jesus really is God, and that He really did die for our sins, but they see God as an 'all-loving' and 'all-forgiving' type of being. They can't imagine a loving God allowing people to go to hell, so they assume that they are going to heaven to be with this 'all-loving' and 'all-forgiving' god that they have made up in their minds. Now, is God all loving? The Bible says that 'God is love'. God loved the world so much that He gave His Son to die for our sins. So, what is wrong with the picture of this all-loving God? It is in the assumption that because Jesus died for our sins, it means that we are ok with God, even staying in our sins. It doesn't require faith or repentance or any responsibility on the part of the human. In the eyes of the person, it doesn't require a response from him or her to the Gospel. This teaching is prevalent in our churches unfortunately. It leaves people with a false sense of their eternal welfare.
Secondly, there are so called Christian teachings that would actually teach that Jesus is not God in the flesh. The people who embrace this type of thinking would emphatically believe (and will want you to know they believe this) that Jesus is the Son of God. They just don't believe that He is God incarnate. Trying to reason with these people is like talking to a brick. There are even mainstream denominations that would have this kind of understanding theologically. Some groups really struggle with the concept of the Trinity. They understand it to conflict with the concept of God being One God, or Three in One. God can do the work in their hearts that is necessary for them to understand. With God all things are possible, even helping people to understand the concept of the Trinity.
Thirdly, this ties in with the all-loving God way of thinking, but, in my opinion, I think some professing Christians are reacting to legalism in the church, or, the fact that so many churches are dead and ritualized, and they see through this, by going in the opposite direction. They might have a focus on the freedom we have in Christ, and the good news that we are not saved by works, that they might even shy away from the concept of sanctification, because it seems like a work that we have to do to earn our salvation. They misunderstand that although salvation is free, (we don't or can't earn anything for our salvation. Someone else completely paid for it), they are careful to not embrace anything structured (like Bible study, evangelism, disciplines of grace) because they assume people do those things out of legalism. There was actually a time when I thought like this. I wanted to be careful not to do good works because I didn't want to communicate to people, the false idea, that I was saved by my good works. Of course, I wasn't openly talking about the things of God or telling people the Gospel. I was hoping they would look at my life and see it. But would they see it if I weren't doing good works? I doubt it. Like someone said, "You may be the only Bible that people will read". But if I were doing good works, wouldn't that communicate the wrong gospel? It goes back to the heart. What is my motive? Am I trying to impress people with my 'spirituality', or am I just a recipient of God's grace and mercy, and showing forth the goodness of God, because I am in need of His grace?
And fourthly, on a similar note, there is a movement in the 'church' called the 'emergent' church. It is not a denomination, but it is something we need to be aware of. Not everything in the emergent church movement is necessarily bad, but there are a few things that are like rotten apples in it. The foremost leaders of this movement seem to think that the church is all wrong in the way it does things. It is trying to redo church and make it relevant to the culture. It has a higher opinion of the culture than it does of the Scriptures. If you want a taste of what the emergent church is about, look into the book by Rob Bell called, Velvet Elvis. You will see how he views God, the Bible, evangelism, and the culture. As you read this sad book, you will note that the many things that are done wrong in the church today, are discarded and not even considered valid. His idea of evangelism includes befriending a person and waiting until the right moment before you would share the Gospel. God forbid that you would give someone a tract, or do open air evangelism. He says that Jesus isn't happy with open air preachers. When you give tracts out, you are doing it to get a notch in your belt. There could be some truth in those statements. A person could be giving tracts out to get a notch in their belt. Some open air preachers are really nasty and judgmental. But should we disobey Jesus' command to preach the Gospel to all creation because some people have wrong motives when they do evangelism? I think not! But that is what the emergents are thinking. When Scripture and the culture conflict, Scripture must bow to the culture. How sad.
Let's study God's word and be prepared to help people understand what God is like, and why we need a Savior. Let's pray that God will work in people's hearts. Salvation is of the Lord, and He will bring the results of the Gospel in people's lives.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Everday Evangelism-New Tract Idea!

Look on the right side and see the picture on the top of the page. It is somebody else's work but would serve as a Gospel tract. I would like to make one similar to that and have spent countless mental hours trying to plan this out in my mind. You need to have Red/cyan or Red/Blue glasses to read the tract (You can get a free pair from We need to get the word out in any way we can. Any creative ideas you have, please send them to me. I am especially interested in making illusion type of tracts. Anyone into crossword puzzle making? I would like to do that as well. If you have a piece of red cellophane paper, you can cover the picture of the tract and the words and picture should come through. Happy evangelizing!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Everyday Evangelism-Good People Who Believe In Jesus

Dealing With All Kinds of People-Good People Who Believe In Jesus

Date Tuesday, April 20th 2010, 4:17 PM Icon 5 Date 1

It seems to go in spells. For a while, I met a few Jewish people that I tried to share the Gospel with. Most of them didn't get it, at least while I was talking with them. Then for a while, I ran into quite a few Catholics, who were trusting in their Catholicism for their salvation. They didn't really want to talk either. Now I do talk to a lot of Catholics still, and some of them seem to understand the Gospel after talking with them. Catholics seem to be the predominant group of people I end up talking to. Then, for a while, I would run into people who were resistant because they believed that the Bible was written by men. So we worked through that time period (and I learned a lot, because of the study it required). But now I am running into people who, for the most part, think they are good people, and will listen to the Gospel. By the time I get finished, they already know the Gospel and claim to be believers already. On Saturday, I talked with a man named Eric. He was familiar with the 10 Commandments and claimed to do his best. I asked him if he were a 'good' person and he said he definitely was. So I took him through some of the Commandments. He readily admitted to breaking them. He understood that he was a sinner, and when I asked him what he thought God did so that he could be forgiven of his sins, he knew exactly what to say. He claimed to be a believer in the Lord. But how can that happen? He just told me he was a good person, even good enough for heaven. Before this conversation, I talked with a woman who came from the Caribbean. She was very kind to talk to. Another person who was evangelizing with us, was talking to the husband at the same time. We both got the same story. They were extremely nice people, but they were 'good' people. The woman had a religious upbringing (Catholic) and she did trust in God. But there again, something was missing. I didn't sense that she really understood the Gospel. She knew that Jesus had died for her, and said she trusted in Him. I don't remember who I asked, but I asked someone who was thinking like this if they were born again, and they said that they were. I feel like I am on tricky ground here. It's hard to figure out the next step when conversing with these people. It seems like if I encourage them to grow in the Lord, then I am assuming that they are truly saved, when they might not be. If I keep questioning them to probe so that they will see that they really aren't saved, it appears like I am judging them. They have all the right answers (not just 'yes' or 'no') but there doesn't seem to be the connection between their breaking the Commandments, and their seeing themselves as sinful. Anyone else notice this trend?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Everyday Evangelism- Tracts Again

Today was a good tracting day. Although I didn't get into any deep conversations with anyone, people were very receptive to the tracts I was giving out to them. The first man reminded me of Bill Cosby. I gave him a tract at Walmart this morning, and he told me that he got one about a month ago. He gave it to his grandson and has it hanging up and wanted another one for himself. When I was at the dry cleaners later on in the day, I gave one to a lady who was sitting in her car. She was so thankful for the tract. When I came back to my car, she wanted to have another one for someone else. At another store, I was looking for some make up and there were 2 workers at the counter trying to help me find what I was looking for. When we were finished I asked them if they had ever received the tract. They both had one from me, and the man told me that his is hanging on the wall at home. Then he took another one to bring home. He also thanked me for doing what I was doing and felt that it was very important thing to be doing. I explained to them that eternity doesn't end and that people need to know the Gospel. I also learned that the time has finally come when I give someone a tract, that they may have already received one, probably from me, but could have been from someone else. Maybe it is time to look into using a new tract. For the past 5 years, I've been giving this tract away, and rarely do I have someone tell me that they already got one. But it is happening now. That is good. I would love to saturate the town with tracts, but what is better is if the tracts provide an ice breaker to preach the Gospel to someone who has already received one. Or, if they haven't, then I can explain to them what it is, and then lead up to the Gospel. God is faithful and His word will not come back empty! Let's pray for creative ways to get the Gospel out in print, and that God would give us opportunities to speak the words of life to a lost and dying world.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Everyday Evangelism- Winter Park Art Festival-03-20-10

"My job is to put a pebble in your shoe." says Greg Koukl. Today a group of us went to the Winter Park Art Festival on Park Avenue, and there were a lot of people there. The weather was great and I managed to put label stickers on 125 tracts this week, so I was ready. We prayed before we left to find a parking place somewhere out there. Well, it was interesting because for all the people we saw out there, there were only a few people who were interested in talking to us about the things of God. A couple of times, while I was talking with someone (and I could tell they really weren't into the conversation), they would just walk away. Just when I was getting to the good part about the 10 Commandments! And it happened more than once. I am guilty of prejudging people that I think would take the tract, as well as those who I would have thought would reject the tract. Only the opposite happened today. Many older men and women took the tracts gladly, and the ones I thought would take them didn't want them. I was able to share the Gospel with 2 men, but I could tell there wasn't a deep desire to stay in the conversation. And, of course, there is always one who will be nasty. I got her too. I offered her the tract and she asked what it was, so I told her. Then she told me to leave her alone, with which I left her the following; you need to think about eternity! I believe that today was ordained by God and we did not fail because there were no fish to catch out of all of those people, but, I can see that we sowed a lot of seeds. We were able to talk a little about eternity to people who, at this moment, were dull of hearing. Tomorrow or next week they might not be. Many took the tracts home and trustingly, someone in the home will read the tract and it will spark a thought about eternity, God, heaven and hell in their minds. So, even if no one was interested today, we trust that we were able to "put a pebble in each shoe" of the person we encountered, even the nasty lady.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Everyday Evangelism- Walmart Again

"I know that God sent you to talk to me today" was the words that I heard from a man yesterday whose name was Kyle. When I approached him, and offered him a tract, he said that he got one just like it while he was at work. Somehow it seemed as if his heart was being prepared for this day. As I talked to Kyle, I could see he was hungry for hearing the truth. After I shared the Gospel with him, he told me he was agnostic, but he did believe some parts of the Bible. He said there were parts that he didn't understand so he couldn't believe them. He also said that he had a lot of questions he wanted to have answers for. He seemed to understand the Gospel, and appreciated what I was doing. And it was amazing that he really believed that God sent me to talk to him that day. Please pray for him as he took the tract home with him, that he will consider the Gospel and think about eternity. Also, pray that someone else will share the Gospel with him again. God's word is at work in his heart and I hope to see him again, if not here on earth, one day in heaven.
Here is the tract I used called "Giant Money"
It has a little quiz on it and that is what I tell people when I give it out.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Everyday Evangelism- Is Jesus Really God?

I am amazed at the thinking of people and trying to figure out where they are coming from. For example, you can talk to a Muslim, and they will tell you that Jesus is a good prophet, but that He is not God in the flesh. Jesus is in their Quran, but their understanding of His death and resurrection are way off. Mormons believe Jesus was God that became a man, possibly in the way that they believe human beings will become a god. That is why the terminology of Jesus becoming a man can be misleading. It would probably be better to say that Jesus is God who took on flesh. Then there are the Jehovah's Witnesses who believe that Jesus is a god, according to their own New World Translation, which was supposedly translated by Greek scholars. Both Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses believe that Jesus is the Son of God, but they do not believe He is God in the flesh. Well, how do we remedy this problem? There are a lot of Bible verses that are very clear about Jesus being God in the flesh, or equal to God. The problem that we have on hand is that many people today do not take a whole section of Scripture to get the meaning of a Bible verse. They take a particular verse and build a doctrine (usually false) on it. A common example of this would be, and I have heard this from both Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses, quoting a verse that says "Faith without works is dead", implying that we are saved by our works. The whole chapter in the book of James has to do with our living out the Christian live and having the evidences of faith shown by the way we live. People do this with the deity of Christ. They say things like, "Jesus didn't even know the time when he will return" or Jesus said, "My Father is greater than I". They miss the whole point of what that part of the Bible is telling us, because they think they have found a verse that proves their doctrine (and religion) right! Well, I have written this all to say that I am on a hunt to find sections in the Bible that will clearly indicate the deity of Christ. So, one that came to mind this week is this; in Mark 13:31 Jesus said that His words will never pass away. I thought that was interesting because in Isaiah 40:8, it says that God's word abides forever. So, it appears that Jesus' words has the same characteristics as God's does. Of course, we need to know the full context of both settings to appreciate what the Bible is saying to us. But I did think that was interesting. There have been studies put out that have verses to refute the doctrines of the Mormons and JWs, in particular, because they claim to have the same Bible (essentially, though we know that the NWT is twisted, and the Mormons use other books as well and on the same level as the Bible). Over time, these groups have learned how to refute those Bible verses that we give them. So, it is time we come up with concepts to deal with their error, concepts out of the Scripture. We need to have a clear, biblical understanding of who God is, who we are in our fallen state, what the problem is, and what the remedy is. Any comments or insights on this would be appreciated.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Everyday Evangelism-Evangelizing from your home

I once read somewhere (but can't remember where) that a man who loved to do evangelism, became unable to leave his house, therefore wasn't able to share the Gospel with people anymore. What is a person to do in such a case? He prayed for God to bring people to his house, and God listened. People continually were coming to his house asking for directions to where they wanted to go. Now I remember reading that story with amazement because I'm sure it was true, even though I have no idea where I read it from.
What about us today? Is there a way for people to do evangelism from there own homes? Well, I'm glad to report that there are ways to evangelize from your computer and phone. Also, I have heard of people using the postal system to share the good news. So the good news for shut ins and people who can't get out is that you can preach the Gospel right there in your own home.
First of all, be in prayer about it. God may show you other ways you can do evangelism from your home. If you have a computer with Internet access, you can sign up for Face Book and go into some of the applications available there. Two of the applications that lend themselves well to preaching the Gospel are 'Yoville' and 'Castaway'. Yoville is a virtual town where you create a character and get an apartment to start off with. From there you can work at the factory and do various things to make money. When you make money, you can buy houses, furniture, clothing, food, pets, and many other things. While the goal of the game is to live in a virtual city, the goal for us is to preach the Gospel. There are areas in Yoville a person can go to and find groups of people developing conversations. I'll admit that the people on Yoville, many times, are harder to talk to than people on the streets, but there are those who listen. It is worth any obstacles to go through to minister to the ones that are just listening on the side lines. I've had people want to become my friend because of the posts I put out there about God. Also, you can design white boards and put messages on them, then put them on a wall in your house and as your new friends tour your house(s), they can see what you put up there. God's word can minister to their hearts through that.
Another program Face Book has is called, Castaway. It is a program in which you can write a message and put it in a bottle that goes out into a virtual sea. You could put a Bible verse out, or write out the whole Gospel message. I have gotten some interesting responses from my message bottles. In both my bottles, I have the question asking how well the person thinks he or she is doing in keeping the 10 Commandments. Sometimes people send back a number. Other times, people are hostile to hearing the message. I had a dialog with an Atheist about a month ago. Very interesting and good practice for me.
If you have an I-phone, there is an app you can download for 99 cents. It is called, "Balloons", and it works on the same idea as the 'Castaway' program in Facebook. You download the app, then pick out a balloon, write the message that goes on your balloon, and then launch it. Someone who also has the Balloons app can receive your balloon, then opens it up (pops it) and reads the message you put in there. I've sent out three of them and all three were popped. The recipients weren't open to the Gospel, but the Gospel is exactly what they need to hear. How else will they know the Truth?
Finally, you can wait for your telephone in your house to ring, and pick it up, talk to the sales person or survey taker, then ask him or her the important questions. I've had some excellent conversations sharing the Gospel over the telephone with people either taking a survey or supporting a political candidate.
So, if you are home bound and can't get out, don't despair! Always be in prayer, and wait for that phone to ring. If you can get an I-phone, get one and find some of the apps that you can put out the Gospel message in, especially the Balloons one. There are probably other means of putting the Gospel out by using such means and I would love to have new suggestions of how this can be done. I'm sure this is not limited to Face Book or the I-phone. Please send any comments to me if you have a way to communicate the Gospel from your home.