Maraca with Bible Verse

Maraca with Bible Verse
1 Timothy 2:5

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Everyday Evangelism-September 1, 2009

Today I was at Walmart, as usual, and as I was getting ready to pay for my items, the cashier, a young African American lady noticed the MDB (million dollar bill tracts) that I had in my basket. I actually give cashiers, at least most of the time, a Giant Money tract, but this lady noticed the million dollar bill tracts. So she looked at the MDB and I said she could have it. She went back to the cash register (she was by my basket scanning a large bag) and she was reading the tract. I was concerned that people behind me would become angry. I explained that it was a Gospel tract. She did finish ringing up the items, but seemed a little disturbed. She couldn't seem to get over the fact that "lusting" was the same as "committing adultery". She seemed really concerned and I felt helpless in trying to help her. I asked her if she had a Bible at home, and she said she did. I encouraged her to read it. Now what I really wished I had was a web page set up, with the basic Gospel on it, that I could have given her the URL to. I wished I would have had made up business cards with my name and email address so I could have given that to her and encouraged her to email me with any questions she has. I think her name was Stacy if anyone would pray for her. I hope to see her again, or hope someone else will come along and share the Gospel with her.

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  1. I just trusted Stacy to the Lord in prayer. Thanks for your obedience in sharing with her!