Maraca with Bible Verse

Maraca with Bible Verse
1 Timothy 2:5

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Everyday Evangelism-06/23/2011-The Carpeting Guys and the Movers

For the past three days, our house was in turmoil. We have some guys from a moving company move all of our furniture out on Wednesday, then on Thursday we had new carpet put in. The moving guys put the furniture back on Friday, at the same time the carpeting guys were finishing up with the carpeting. Nevertheless, our household was busy. Always wanting to take opportunities to present the Gospel, I started on Wednesday when the moving guys were working. I played the program I had prerecorded called, "The Way of the Master" which is also called, "Kirk Cameron" in the TV guides. It is a show that has the Gospel presentation on it, with quite a few actual dialogs with people doing one-on-one. We had to pay the guys for the work on Wednesday, so while I was writing out the check, the TV was on as loud as it could be, without trying to be obvious. I noticed one of the guys was watching it out of the corner of his eye.
   I decided on Thursday, I would make something delightful for the men to take home to eat when they all finished up on Friday. I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies, with an assortment of chips in each cookie. When I finished, I realized the it wasn't quite enough cookies for each guy to have 4 of them to take home, so I made another batch Friday morning.
   The men came on Friday, all five of them! I only planned on four! Good thing I made that extra batch of cookies. I set up five paper plates with four cookies each. Underneath each plate was a Giant Money tract. I also pulled out some beach balls, frisbies, and maracas that have Gospel messages on them, and offered the men to take one for each child they had. So they all went home with their tract, cookies, and toys for their families. One of the men also wanted to take some cookies home to his kids, so I had enough to make another plate for them. I might also add here, that when the movers were finished on Wednesday, somehow a million dollar bill showed up, and the guy showed it to me. I let him keep it.
  One of the guys from the moving company told me that he seems to know me from somewhere. He asked if I were a teacher. We tried to decide where we may have had contact somewhere before. I have a feeling he might have been a person that I gave a tract to one time, or maybe shared the Gospel with him somewhere. I found that interesting. I have had a couple of people say that to me already. They seem to know me from somewhere else, but can't remember where. Anyway, my theory is that if we share the Gospel often with people, I think that will happen more and more to us in later encounters with people. I'm glad that God gave me the opportunity to give tracts out to the men and have a show on TV presenting the Gospel. I will trust the Lord for more opportunities like that, and also times to present the Gospel to people as He leads.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Everyday Evangelism-Saturday Morning Park Ave. 6-11-11

The weather was great today for being outdoors. As I got to Park Avenue, there were a lot of people there. I ended up giving every tract out that I took with me. I saw groups of young men and asked what was going on. They said there was a basketball tournament. Even though there were a lot of people who rejected the tracts, there were some that were open to hearing the Gospel. I know that is the way it is supposed to be anyway, at least it appears that way in the Scriptures. I was able to talk to two different young women and have a decent conversation with both of them about the Gospel. I know if I were to have stayed there longer, I would probably have ended up talking to more people. This is really a good place to go to promote the Gospel message. I would encourage people to come out with me on Saturday mornings. During the week I will prepare the tracts by labeling them with web sites and a phone number to the church I am part of, along with my email address.
   I do find it interesting that many times when I am able to talk about the Gospel with someone, they seem to be very familiar with the Gospel, but sometimes I am concerned that something is missing. I take the person back to the Law and help them to see their sin, then explain the Gospel to them. But their response is kind of like, "I already knew that. You're not telling me anything new." They can answer the questions and seem to understand why Jesus had to die for them, but if they were born again, it seems like something would resonate in their hearts. The first woman I talked to told me thank you for taking the time to talk to her. I have a concern that there are many people who may have a knowledge of God, but are lacking the relationship with Him. So I explained to the woman that people have that knowledge many times, but don't really know God personally. It seemed like the conversation I had with the second woman was very similar to the first one. She knew the answers, but I am not sure she was getting the Gospel. I told both women that my email address was on the back of the tract and if they had any questions to feel free to send me an email. Please pray for both of these women. I believe their names are Trey and the second was Anna. They were very nice to talk to and not defensive like so many people are. Please pray for them.
Then there are also people like a man who was sitting on the bench. I offered him a tract and told him what it was and he explained he didn't need it because he was a Christian. He already knew about God so he wouldn't take a tract. It is true that knowledge can make us stumble, and that is only because we fail to apply the knowledge to our own hearts. The Bible says to be 'doers of the word and not hearers only..', for when we don't apply the Word to our own hearts, we end up in deception. We have to remember that Satan knows the Bible better than we do, and the Truth is working against him. "let the Word of Christ richly dwell in you..." It is of utmost importance....