Maraca with Bible Verse

Maraca with Bible Verse
1 Timothy 2:5

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Everday Evangelism- Feruary 25 th

Nothing earth-shaking has happened recently in my world of evangelism. I'm still looking for places where there are lots of people that I can talk to. Park Avenue seems to have a lot of people. I went there on Saturday and had a limited amount of tracts with me. I talked with a woman who was a professing believer and she was very encouraging to talk to. I seem to talk to a lot of people who really like what I am doing. Hopefully, it will encourage them to be out there with the Gospel message.
I have an idea of taking a little longer when I go to the stores, and roam the parking lots. I will still be a customer, just in case someone wants to report me. The other day, the weather was great, and I was at an Office Depot store to pick up some ink cartridges. After I got done, I walked over to the gym next door and saw a man getting on his motorcycle. His name was Will. He took a tract. He had never heard the Gospel before. I was able to share a little with him. What was neat to share with him though, was the use of his motorcycle as an example of a way people can get killed. I told him that he could get on the motorcycle one day, and it could be his last day on earth. He said he was actually talking about that the other day with someone. He wasn't ready to respond to the Gospel though. But I hope to have said enough to him to make him think of eternity and want to prepare for that time. Pray for Will to be granted repentance and faith. And for God to be real to him. Thanks.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Everyday Evangelism-Around the World in a Minute

Last week, I was reading through my Face Book updates, and one of my Face Book Friends was in a conversation with a Muslim man. He explained a little bit of this in his status. I asked him a question about what he thought the Muslim man might say in response to a question I had. I didn't realize that the Muslim man, Aji, became friends on Face Book with my friend, so he started answering the questions himself! The conversation centered around the deity of Christ. We started showing him verses out of the New Testament that Jesus said about Himself. Aji has shown us verses out of the Quran that talk about Jesus and Mary. They don't agree with the Biblical account though. So it appears that one of us is wrong. Now we are showing him verses out of the Old Testament that prophesied the coming of Christ. He is very knowledgable about the Quran and tells us about it in detail.
Aji lives in Indonesia. The time zone makes us have a difference of 12 hours. So when we are on Face Book during the day, he is probably sleeping, and vice-versa. Please by praying for Aji to have eyes to see the True and Living God, and his own need for a Savior. He is asking questions and we are giving the best answers we know. But he is still defending Allah and the Quran. Please pray for me and the others in this conversation on Face Book to have good answers for him that he will understand. We can inform him of what the Bible says, but it is God who reveals Himself to people. Salvation is of the Lord. And it is amazing that we can preach the Gospel on the other side of the world and not even go outside! Who would have thought of this ever happening, except for God?