Maraca with Bible Verse

Maraca with Bible Verse
1 Timothy 2:5

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This page is for Ice-Breakers. You know what I mean by this, I hope. It is kind of awkward to go up to a person and just ask them if they think they are going to heaven when they die. It is nice to have on open door that can lead to a conversation about the Gospel. I don't have many ice-breakers yet. The one I mainly use is this; 'Did you get one?' and I give the person a Giant Money. I explain that it has a fun quiz on it. Then I explain that the answers are on it, but don't cheat! If the person looks like he or she has time and wants to talk (and if I have time) I tell them that the Gospel is on the tract. I ask the person if he/she has heard the Gospel. Usually they look at me like I was speaking in Greek! Then I explain what the word Gospel means and ask them about the 10 Commandments, etc. That is the only ice-breaker I really have though. I would like more. So if you have ice-breakers that you use, please post them here. Thanks.

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  1. Ice-breaker #1 - Did you get one of these?
    Ice-breaker #2 - Where do you think you will be 5,000 years from now, or, where do you think you will be in the year 2525?
    Ice-breaker #3 - Do you consider yourself to be a good person?
    Ice-breaker #4 - On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate yourself on keeping the 10 Commandments?
    These ice-breakers are good if you are in a conversation with someone already. The conversation can be started by giving a person a tract. That is the kind of ice-breaker I would be looking for. There are two kinds of ice-breakers, one for the introduction of yourself to the person, and the other one is for transitioning from the natural to the spiritual. I personally don't like introducing myself in the spiritual realm (ex. Hi, are you 100% sure you would go to heaven when you do?) I would rather take a couple of minutes to talk to the person calmly and then transition. That is where I get stuck though. I tend to keep talking to get the person feel comfortable with talking to me, then the person has to go, or his cell phone goes off! I never got to bring the Gospel into the conversation!
    The alternative is to just go up and abruptly ask the person a spiritual question as your introduction to him. That seems kind of awkward though. But, if God is working in a person's heart at that moment, they might be open to talking. It is possible, but most people have been turned off by sales people and Jehovah's Witnesses pressuring them into sales or religion. So, keep that in mind, especially in dealing with older people or middle aged people as well.
    The college group has been indoctrinated into believing the lies that the people who wrote the Gospel were trying to manipulate people politically and suppress women. So keep that in mind in dealing with the intellects. Always try to give these people food for thought. Put a 'stone in their shoes' for them to work through.
    And always, keep a big smile on your face. It goes a long way!