Maraca with Bible Verse

Maraca with Bible Verse
1 Timothy 2:5

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Everday Evangelism- Are Tracts Beneficial?

First, I want to make it clear that not everyone I offer a tract to will take it. Most of the time they do, and sometimes they will come to me and ask for more. At Sam's a couple of weeks ago, as I was entering the store, the lady who was the greeter noticed the Giant Money tracts〈=en I had in the basket. I am somewhat apprehensive about boldly carrying in the tracts, especially the large ones, because one time when I was at a Sam's Club, upon entering the store, the lady who was greeting informed me that I was not allowed to pass them out (I didn't think I was passing them out in that area anyway). She assumed that I was and was angry about it. Back to the Sam's Club a couple of weeks ago. One of the cashiers must have received a Giant Money tract from me, and wanted to have more. Of course, she didn't know how to contact me, but mentioned this to the woman who was the greeter. This cashier asked the greeter lady if she would keep an eye open for the person who was giving them out. When I came in, this greeter told me about the cashier who wanted to have more tracts so she could give them out to her friends. I didn't bring in too many that time, so I gave her about 4-5 to give to this cashier. Interesting.
Another time, a couple of years back,at this same Sam's Club, upon entering the store, another greeter lady remembered me from giving out those tracts. She thanked me for that, and was affected by my doing that. I was unprepared for that event, and didn't know what to say. She didn't speak good English, but she gave me a hug.
Yesterday I went to Sam's Club and as I went in there was a new greeter lady. I had the tracts in the basket, remembering how the one greeter lady was angry about them. The lady showed an interest in them and wanted one, so I gave it to her. A few minutes later I could hear someone talking with this greeter and I knew it was about the tract that I just gave her. Before very long, a woman came up to me and wanted one. I gave it to her, and told her what it was, and also explained that the Gospel was on it. She was so grateful for it. She offered to pay me for it. I told her it was a gift from me. You would have thought that I gave her a piece of gold! Well, a couple of hours later, I was at another store, and noticed a small group of women talking in the parking lot. They obviously worked at the same place because they dressed alike. I don't like to give tracts to people who work at the places I visit while I'm in the parking lot because they could tell me that I am not allowed to do that in the parking lot of their store. I can't remember exactly what happened, but I gave one to one of the women and she was very excited! She wanted more for other family members. I explained that the Gospel was on it and she was very glad. She said that it was a good way to witness. There are many stories like this, and I could go on, but this is what happened to me recently in just passing out tracts. Of course, the neatest thing that can happen is when you pass out a tract, and use it as an ice-breaker in sharing the Gospel. That happened last week with a man named Shawn. He only went to church occasionally, maybe even only once in his life at Easter. He didn't know what the 10 Commandments were and I was able to explain the whole Gospel to him. It was great. So, do you think tracts are beneficial? You can decide.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Everyday Evangelism- The Atheist Challenge!

I rarely encounter Atheists when I preach the Gospel, at least not in this part of the country where I live. There is a man on the other side of the country who has responded to a message of the Gospel that I put in a message bottle that goes out to a virtual sea in Facebook. He opened the bottle and responded by telling me that my god does not exist, and that is the happiest news ever. Well, I responded by asking him what proof he has that led him into Atheism. He said that it is obvious that there is no evidence of God, and that the proof of burden is on me. This is a new one for me. Help. You can't prove God from a scientific experiment anymore than you can measure the color of an apple. They are in 2 different categories. This discussion has been ongoing for over a week now and the man continually rebuts whatever I say by saying there is no evidence of a god. Basically I am the one who is blind because I can't see that. My god is imaginary. Well, I left him with the concept of the fact that he is blind because the light that he had at one time is taken away from him. Not only does he not have eyes to see with, but even what light he had has been taken away. What does one do with such a person? Any comments?