Maraca with Bible Verse

Maraca with Bible Verse
1 Timothy 2:5

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Everyday Evangelism- Parachutes and Helium Balloons

Here is a unique idea on how to spread the Gospel. Make some parachutes out of muslin material, attach thin rope, and presto, you have your parachute. This is actually being done right now in Columbia. People in America are making the parachutes (from a pattern obtainable from Voice of the Martyrs) and sending them in. They are collected and sent off to Columbia where they will have Bibles or radios attached to them, then they will be dropped from a plane. As people see these parachutes, they can find the radios (which are pretuned to a Christian channel) or the Bibles that are attached. The Gospel can go out via parachutes sent out from a plane.
How would that work in America? Are there places we can do this as well? Well, if you have a plane available it could be possible! Another option would be to attach the items to helium balloons. There are a couple of difficulties we have in America that aren't in other countries. We have cars to contend with. Could a parachute land on a car? I don't know. We can pray for God to direct the balloons and parachutes. There isn't the need here yet to attach radios to the parachutes because we can still legally listen to Christian radio and get solid Bible teachings. But could we make these parachutes and send them off. I think we could. If we could make sure they would work, we could attach parachute men to them with tracts attached, or just put the tracts with the parachutes. We attached balloons with tracts on them and sent them off. We don't know where they landed (except the ones that ended up in a neighbor's tree!), but God knows and He can send them where He wants them to go.
We sent a tract attached to 3 balloons up in the air from our driveway. Very interesting experience. The balloons got caught in a neighbor's tree at the very top. The balloons were red, black and green. A Giant Money tract was attached to them. The balloons were very noticeable at first and it looked like our neighbors were having a party! During the day the Giant Money tract hung in such a way that it looked like part of the tree, but the front of the tract was facing the road! It looked like money was growing on the tree. Now who will read that tract? Perhaps a tree trimmer will find it. Maybe the wind will blow it down once the balloons have deflated. One thing I learned from that experience was to make sure you are in an open space when letting the balloons go up! Now I am on a hunt for a place that doesn't have a bunch of trees around it or telephone wires that the balloons could get caught in. Again, God can direct the tracts where He wants them to go. Let's pray that they will be found by the exact people who will need to see them, whose hearts God is preparing to know Him.