Maraca with Bible Verse

Maraca with Bible Verse
1 Timothy 2:5

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Everyday Evangelism- 08/04/09-Yoville and Walmart

Well the Walmart idea didn't work out so well. I went to the manager and she didn't understand what a prayer station was, nor did she really care to find out. She just said that her manager only has Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts set up tables. But I have seen the prayer stations done at a park, so that is an idea I am going to look into. Another thing I am doing, is going into Face Book and one of the application programs is called " Yoville". It is like a chat room where they give you an apartment and ways to make money and a virtual city where you can go shopping and buy things to decorate your apartment. What they don't know is that it provides a great opportunity to chat with people and communicate the Gospel in the different parts of the town. The best place is right in front of the apartment building where the hot dog stand is. There are lots of other figures there, and each figure has a person behind it that needs to hear the Gospel. It is very similar to doing open air as there are hecklers there, and people try to distract by wanting you to play games with them. Others are interested and ask questions. I have one lady who was irritated because of my preaching, so she asked to be my buddy, to which I said yes to. She became my buddy so she could email me and let me know that she didn't like what I was doing. But she did have questions. In one of them she wanted to know what God has ever done for me. The other one she was asking wanted to know if I really cared for the people, or was I just saying that. When I was talking to the people in that area in front of the apartment building, I told them that I cared for them. I guess she wanted to make sure that what I was saying was really true. Anyway, it is cool to be out there and proclaiming the Gospel. I feel like I need to become part of this game so I can go into the world of these lost people. So, I invite those of you to join me in Yoville if you are my friend on Face Book.

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