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Maraca with Bible Verse
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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Everyday Evangelism-Evangelizing from your home

I once read somewhere (but can't remember where) that a man who loved to do evangelism, became unable to leave his house, therefore wasn't able to share the Gospel with people anymore. What is a person to do in such a case? He prayed for God to bring people to his house, and God listened. People continually were coming to his house asking for directions to where they wanted to go. Now I remember reading that story with amazement because I'm sure it was true, even though I have no idea where I read it from.
What about us today? Is there a way for people to do evangelism from there own homes? Well, I'm glad to report that there are ways to evangelize from your computer and phone. Also, I have heard of people using the postal system to share the good news. So the good news for shut ins and people who can't get out is that you can preach the Gospel right there in your own home.
First of all, be in prayer about it. God may show you other ways you can do evangelism from your home. If you have a computer with Internet access, you can sign up for Face Book and go into some of the applications available there. Two of the applications that lend themselves well to preaching the Gospel are 'Yoville' and 'Castaway'. Yoville is a virtual town where you create a character and get an apartment to start off with. From there you can work at the factory and do various things to make money. When you make money, you can buy houses, furniture, clothing, food, pets, and many other things. While the goal of the game is to live in a virtual city, the goal for us is to preach the Gospel. There are areas in Yoville a person can go to and find groups of people developing conversations. I'll admit that the people on Yoville, many times, are harder to talk to than people on the streets, but there are those who listen. It is worth any obstacles to go through to minister to the ones that are just listening on the side lines. I've had people want to become my friend because of the posts I put out there about God. Also, you can design white boards and put messages on them, then put them on a wall in your house and as your new friends tour your house(s), they can see what you put up there. God's word can minister to their hearts through that.
Another program Face Book has is called, Castaway. It is a program in which you can write a message and put it in a bottle that goes out into a virtual sea. You could put a Bible verse out, or write out the whole Gospel message. I have gotten some interesting responses from my message bottles. In both my bottles, I have the question asking how well the person thinks he or she is doing in keeping the 10 Commandments. Sometimes people send back a number. Other times, people are hostile to hearing the message. I had a dialog with an Atheist about a month ago. Very interesting and good practice for me.
If you have an I-phone, there is an app you can download for 99 cents. It is called, "Balloons", and it works on the same idea as the 'Castaway' program in Facebook. You download the app, then pick out a balloon, write the message that goes on your balloon, and then launch it. Someone who also has the Balloons app can receive your balloon, then opens it up (pops it) and reads the message you put in there. I've sent out three of them and all three were popped. The recipients weren't open to the Gospel, but the Gospel is exactly what they need to hear. How else will they know the Truth?
Finally, you can wait for your telephone in your house to ring, and pick it up, talk to the sales person or survey taker, then ask him or her the important questions. I've had some excellent conversations sharing the Gospel over the telephone with people either taking a survey or supporting a political candidate.
So, if you are home bound and can't get out, don't despair! Always be in prayer, and wait for that phone to ring. If you can get an I-phone, get one and find some of the apps that you can put out the Gospel message in, especially the Balloons one. There are probably other means of putting the Gospel out by using such means and I would love to have new suggestions of how this can be done. I'm sure this is not limited to Face Book or the I-phone. Please send any comments to me if you have a way to communicate the Gospel from your home.

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