Maraca with Bible Verse

Maraca with Bible Verse
1 Timothy 2:5

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Everyday Evangelism- Preaching the Gospel is Medicine for the Soul

"Preaching the Gospel is Medicine for the Soul." As time goes on, I am beginning to understand how healthful it is to be preaching the Gospel. It is like medicine for our souls. Today, I was at the store, and, as I was checking out my groceries, I had a money tract in the cart. The cashier, a young woman, made a comment on it, just at the same time another cashier overheard her. She told the young woman that I always have those with me (talking about the tracts). I assumed she was familiar with the tract and I must have given her one, some time ago. I explained to my cashier that it was worth more than gold. Somehow, the three of us got into an explanation that led to the Gospel message. The other cashier, who was originally just a bystander, was now joining in on the conversation. My cashier was amazed that lusting after another person was the same as committing adultery. The bystanding cashier made the statement that it is a matter of asking for forgiveness. Well, the line was being held up, while my cashier was reading the tract, and the other cashier had to take care of people who were waiting in line. But she wanted a money tract. I looked for one in my purse and couldn't find one, even though I know they were there. I gave them both invitations to "The Conversation", a series of classes being held by the church I attend (Metro Life while I continued to look for the money tract. It was hard to believe the patience of the people waiting in line to be checked out, and watching the cashier read the tract intently, and not having anyone complain! I hope that the little conversation we had today, along with the word of life that are written on the tracts will put a pebble in their shoes. I pray that they will be disturbed, not because I wish ill on them, but I want their hearts to be affected by the Gospel, and I pray that they will be looking for an answer for their sin. Please pray that God will reveal Himself to these two women, and that they will respond to the call of God as they hear His voice calling them. But the really neat part of this is how preaching the Gospel ministers to my soul, as well as theirs. Nothing is more satisfying than preaching the Gospel. And it ministers to our own souls as well as to the souls of others.