Maraca with Bible Verse

Maraca with Bible Verse
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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Everyday Evangelism - The Sacrifice of the Lamb

   On Saturday, November 12th, I went to an arts and crafts festival in Longwood and was able to talk with several people about the Gospel. It was a challenging day, but it was a productive day. The first person I talked to, seemed to have a case of easy-believism as she was trying to get ahead of me by saying that if a person believes in Jesus than everything is ok with him. So we just skip over the sin part, I guess, and then assume everything is ok between us and God because Jesus died to pay for our sin. What is missing in this picture?
   Then as I was talking with some teenage girls, explaining the Gospel to them (which they seemed unfamiliar with), a woman comes up and starts questioning the girls about their relationship with God. She informed me that they 'have it' because she asked them if they had ever asked Jesus into their hearts, and of course, they did. I guess it didn't matter that they didn't understand about sin in the first place.
   But another time, as I was talking to a teenage girl, I was explaining about how a lamb would have to be sacrificed when people sinned in the Old Testament days. She became very sad as I was telling her about this. I think it was a good way to explain the Gospel to someone, in order to show them that something precious had to be sacrificed for our sins. I pray that the Gospel she heard that day will penetrate her heart and that God would do a deep work in her heart.
   One of the last group of girls I talked to were listening intently to the Gospel. They seemed affected by the Truth. Then the cell phone went off. It was one of the girl's mothers saying that they were going somewhere. Before my eyes they disappeared as the woman came to get them. I raced over and got some 'How Good Are You?' tracts and explained to them that they could read it at home. But I had to run after them because they were gone in a flash!
   I believe God was at work in all of their hearts. May much good fruit come out of this day of evangelism at the Longwood Arts and Crafts festival for 2011.
  I was able to make some videos of this event. I am not in most of them, but you can hear my voice in them as I share the Gospel with people.

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