Maraca with Bible Verse

Maraca with Bible Verse
1 Timothy 2:5

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Everyday Evangelism - Far Reaching Results

   I was contemplating on the other day as I was walking down Park Avenue to go to the spice store. I made sure I had tracts ready to take with me and tried to prepare to talk to people, even if briefly. For the most part, people said 'no' to taking the tracts. I was not surprised as some of these people may have already received a tract and possibly knew what I was giving away. But there was one man I gave the tract to and he loved it. He was asking where he could get them. I explained to him how he could order them and pointed him to the many web sites on the back of the tract.  While I was talking with him (and his wife/girl friend?) I gave a tract to an older man (who I was sure would reject it). He seemed delighted and asked for another one for his wife.
   The point of this post is that while it seemed like an unprofitable day, by my standard anyway, I don't have an eternal perspective of what God can do. What if God spoke to that man's heart (who wanted to order the tracts) and what if he got inspired to order some and give them out? What if he gave out a couple hundred in his life time, and one person came to Christ? What if the one person who came to Christ had a neighbor that he led to the Lord? What if the people in this neighbor's family came to Christ and one became a pastor of a thriving, healthy Bible believing church?
   I don't know what God will do with the tracts I gave out the other day. But His Word says that it will not return to Him void. It will accomplish the purpose it was set out to do. And God is great in working through Divine appointments. Maybe the tract giving will end up being an answer to someone's prayer for their lost loved one. Only God knows what will happen when we are faithful to give away that which He has abundantly given to us. We need to be in faith for what He will do, in and through us.

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