Maraca with Bible Verse

Maraca with Bible Verse
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Saturday, July 20, 2013

"You Are Not Qualified" Among Other Lies

  I was recently thinking of one of the reasons I would not do evangelism in my earlier years. It was a voice that told me that I was stepping into territory I didn't belong in. It told me I was not qualified to share the Gospel with people. You had to be at a certain level with the Lord and I obviously was not there, and, according to the voice, I probably would never be there.
   Have you ever had thoughts like that? Maybe they came through a friend or family member? Perhaps someone told you that you were a hypocrite. If so, you probably retreated back and assumed that you shouldn't ever bring up subjects having to do with God, church, the Bible, etc. because you are not there yet.
   Let me tell you right now. If you have placed your trust in Jesus Christ as your Savior (the One who made atonement for your sin and reconciled you to God), and you are born again into God's family, there is no level that you will ever have to reach in order to qualify to do evangelism. The only qualification a person needs to have is their relationship to God through the Cross of Jesus Christ. This principle applies to all areas of ministry as well as evangelism.
   One day, I should write a book, after I compile all the lies of the Enemy that I have heard people tell me, or that I have heard myself. How many times do we listen to this voice? I believe that as we are discipled in the Lord, and as we grow spiritually, we will learn to hear God's voice more clearly (the voice of Truth) and dispel the voice of the Enemy (the Father of Lies).
   But perhaps you really don't know the Lord yet. Have you personally come to the place where you have repented of your sins and turned to the Lord to save you? Have you trusted in Jesus Christ as the only way that you can go to heaven? If not, go to or for more information on that.
   If you do know the Lord, you have the privilege to share the Gospel with people. God gave us a command to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. When those lies come to you about not being worthy or at a certain level spiritually, remember that the devil hates the fact that you have the Gospel. Since he can't take it away from you, he can prevent you from giving it to others. Don't listen to his voice anymore.
  One more word. It does help tremendously to have training and equipping to do evangelism (see Ephesians 4). We are always learning when it comes to doing the work of evangelism. As we grow in sanctification, we are being changed, and when that happens, we are more graced to share the Gospel with others. Look for ways to grow spiritually. Become part of a good, Bible-believing church. Study the Bible. Grow in grace and humility, and develop compassion (2 Cor. 5:14). A good resource for evangelism is
   Evangelism is something we grow in as we practice it. It is not a matter of reaching a certain level and then becoming 'qualified'. We will stumble, at times. We will make mistakes. But we will get better with practice.
   Above all, pray for God to help you in this area. Pray for boldness. Pray for compassion. Pray for wisdom. We can only share the Gospel effectively when we have the power of God in us to do so. (Acts 1:8). But this is God's design, and we can be free to 'go for it' in love for the lost and for God's name.

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