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Maraca with Bible Verse
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Friday, July 19, 2013

The Unstoppable Gospel is Being Stopped By People in High Places

 This story is told in light of other situations going on that indicate the response of the kingdom of Darkness to the Gospel message, specifically when people are publicly communicating it. Yesterday, we were told that Facebook and Youtube blocked the coming movie called 'Unstoppable' starring Kirk Cameron. My guess is that someone was angry because the Gospel message is being communicated in some way in the movie, and that person probably clicked on 'report as spam' options on both Youtube and Facebook. I think there are more Christians giving out tracts and standing up for the Gospel, thus, the opposition begins. We should be surprised if there isn't opposition. We would have to wonder if we are really preaching or communicating the Gospel if that were the case.

   OK it happened again. I know this will be happening more and more as more Christians pass out tracts and share the Gospel with people. Unless this is in my imagination, this really happened at a neighborhood grocery store that I used to frequent, of all places. I saw a group of young men and they were nearing the store. I usually don't give tracts out at this point unless someone asks for one, but I couldn't resist because I knew they would be open. There were 4 guys and I started talking to them explaining what the tract was and then they headed toward the entrance when I heard a woman telling them something they were allowed to be doing (I think she was hollering at them because of the tracts). I didn't understand but there were two store workers and the young men didn't put up with whatever she was saying. I believe she was talking about the tracts and telling them that they weren't allowed to have them on store property. I just walked toward the car and Looked back and saw the man and woman that worked at the store looking toward me. I thought for sure they would come after me but they didn't. Then, I heard a young man yelling 'God bless you lady' but I didn't see who it was. 
I am writing this to say the same things that I wrote in a blog this morning. Don't be surprised when authorities come after you and stop you from giving out tracts, as if you are doing some kind of criminal offense. These people are reacting against the kingdom of Light and they will oppose it. They are uncomfortable around the light and they will do whatever they have the power to do in order to stop it. Don't let this discourage you. 

 I am reminded here of something my mom used to tell me. When we got a cut, she wanted to put peroxide on the cut, but told us that it would sting. Also, if there were infection, not only would it sting, but, there would be bubbles on the wound because of the reaction of the peroxide to the cut. I think of the effects of the Gospel and liken them to the peroxide on the wound. It stings. It makes bubbles when there is really an infection. The Gospel stings and bubbles up when people hear it and people react to it. 

  Months ago, I offered a tract to an older woman, and told her what it was, and she was so irate, I believe she went into the store and told on me, for when I was coming out of the store, I was stopped by someone who worked in customer service and he told me to not pass tracts out anymore at the store. This store is right across the street from the one I was at today. People are buckling up to protect themselves from hearing the Gospel. But.....and this is important.... God is at work in the tracts you give out. That is why the kingdom of Darkness is reacting. I have had good Gospel conversations at both of these stores and God is definitely at work. And Satan will be there to oppose God's work to keep people in bondage. Don't give up sharing the Gospel. Just pray for the people who get into trouble because you gave them a tract. And pray for the lights to come on in the hearts of those who work at these stores.

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