Maraca with Bible Verse

Maraca with Bible Verse
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Monday, November 19, 2012

Can God Use Someone As Tired As I Am?

   I have had sleep problems all my life, and as a result I have fatigue during the day, almost always. Some days, it is just too hard to get out of the house. Going to the grocery store in itself can be a major chore. I have also noticed that since I spend a lot of time in store parking lots giving out tracts and talking to people about the Gospel, this problem with insomnia has gotten worse. I see a connection in the spiritual realm, and that is a good sign. My thoughts are that the devil isn't happy about my using the strength and energy that have been allocated to me, on passing out the word of God to people who live in a dark world.
   Saturday was an interesting day for me. My preparation for this Saturday started sometime during the week. I blew up about 30-40 beach balls with the Gospel message on them. I put together coloring books and crayons that have been imprinted with Bible verses and urls to my blog pages. Also got a lot of the other toys with Scriptures on them gathered and put in a bin to take with me to the arts and crafts festival that we have a table at.
  I have to think ahead now, so I can go to bed early Friday night, in order to get enough sleep to wake up very early Saturday morning to leave. The car was packed up and ready to go early Saturday morning. I had tracts and books labeled, as well as the Living Waters New Testaments.
  After getting all the toys, books, and tracts ready late Friday night, I prayed for God to bless our time at the booth while we were at the festival. I prayed for no complications (wind blowing tracts away, not finding a parking place, etc.) as well as for people's hearts to be ready to hear the Gospel and for us to communicate the Gospel message clearly as we talked to people. I prayed for a good night's sleep for all of us as well.
   My loving husband brought me home a King Smoothie, Camocha flavored (this is the best flavored smoothie I have tasted), so I drank it. I knew of the possibility that it could keep me up all night (this flavor doesn't come decaffeinated).
   So, bedtime came and went. My eyes, pretty much, stayed open all night. I got very little sleep. How should I think of this? Certainly, God doesn't want me to be too tired to go out there and minister the Gospel to people, does He? Shouldn't I stay in bed and try to get a little sleep? I can try again next year, and skip the coffee smoothie the night before.
  Another thought came to mind though. Maybe, God will give me the strength to do this, in spite of the fact that I didn't sleep. Maybe this really is an attack of the devil to keep me from being out there. Does God shelter us from all the attacks of the Enemy? He didn't do that in the book of Job. Satan's activity is very obvious if you can see in the spiritual realm. Sometimes, the devil lies to us and reasons with us, to keep us from doing God's will. His lies are custom made for each person serving God. The lies will make sense to the person the devil is trying to reason with, based upon the person's weakness and temptations. But God is bigger and wiser.
   I did go out and pull my wagon a couple of blocks away, and set everything up. At first, no one came to the table, and the thoughts were coming to my mind of 'Why am I here? Nothing's happening. What a waste of a day already." But, as usual, when you stay there long enough, people do come up and ask questions. A couple of hours later, we had group after group of people standing in front of the booth looking at the posters with the ice-breaker questions. Then we would go out and talk with the people. Those who were open to talking, we were able to share the Gospel message with. Lots of the toys were taken home, as well as the tracts and literature.
   The wagon was heavy and hard to pull back to the car, and I still wondered if anything will have come out of that day. God's word does not return to Him empty, and I believe a lot of people were affected by the Gospel message. We saw people who were convicted, while others were more engaged. We might not ever hear of the results of the work we did on Saturday, at the arts and crafts festival, but in eternity we will see the fruit of our labors and how God worked when we simply did what He told us to do in His word, "Preach the Gospel to every creature..."


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