Maraca with Bible Verse

Maraca with Bible Verse
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Monday, May 7, 2012

Everyday Evangelism - Serving the People Who Come to Our House

   Today was a day I got to do something that I haven't had time for in ages. That is, making a batch of cookies to give to the man or woman who comes to the house to do repair work (or anything we have hired them for). It started a couple of years ago, when a UPS driver delivered a package to our home. I gave him a tract. My husband thought I should have done more to show my gratitude to him. So I came up with the idea of making Seven Layer Bars and giving them out to these people, along with a tract.
    Sometimes, when someone comes over to our house to do some kind of work, I will put in a DVD (Like Way of the Master) and have it going so it can be heard (I don't want to be obvious though). I remember one guy had his ear tuned to the TV. This same guy said that he thinks he knew me from somewhere and asked if I were a teacher. I wouldn't be surprised if I gave him a tract one time or talked about the Gospel with him somewhere on the streets. I did give him a tract too before he left.
   I think the thing I want people to know is that I really do care about them. Today, I tried to talk to the guy doing the work on the stove. I wanted to be tactful though and let him do his work (and not come on too friendly and make him suspicious!). I have come to the point also, where I offer them a bottle of water, and try to keep some bottled water in the fridge.
   The cookies got made this morning, and everything was put on a paper plate next to a New Testament (Living Waters has some really cool looking New Testaments). Plus the ones at Living Waters have the Gospel spelled out throughout the Bible. I gave the man the cookies and New Testament. He seemed impressed about the way it looked. He thanked me for them and seemed genuinely grateful. I'm sure he was puzzled too. After all, it is not every day that you get a New Testament from someone whose house you go to in order to do work on!
   I know the Pocket Testament League has Gospels of John available even at no cost. There are testimonies of people who have been saved because someone gave them a Bible. That is how Ravi Zacharias came to Christ. He was in serious condition in a hospital bed, and someone gave him a Bible. He read it and came to know the Lord.
   So the next time I have someone coming over to fix something at our house, I need to plan to bake cookies (I wish there were something more nourishing to make!) and give them away. I need to spend some time talking with the person and drawing them out a little (but not be overbearing). Then they will feel comfortable taking the tract and they can read it at home. If they have any questions, they know where they can go to ask them too!
  One more thing that is cool about this too. I have had Christians come to the house to do some kind of work. It is amazing to be able to have fellowship with these people. Sometimes, they don't get work done very quickly though, but at least we have had fellowship. You never know what will happen in this country, and it might be a good thing to get to know who the believers are in the community. That way, a network can be built that won't have to be broken, even if the world falls apart. And that is really good news!
"Use hospitality one to another without grudging." I Peter 4:9

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