Maraca with Bible Verse

Maraca with Bible Verse
1 Timothy 2:5

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Everyday Evangelism - What a Waste of a Day, From My Perspective

Today started out like any other Monday, except that I was able to get up earlier, knowing I was going to be picking up products as soon as the truck arrives, which used to be around 10 am. I got there at 10:40 and heard the truck was going to be a little late, so I went home and came back an hour later. I heard the truck was on it's way, but it would still be a while, so I went off shopping at Target. It feels very strange to give out tracts here because a couple of years ago, I was caught giving out tracts and ended up being banned from this shopping center for a year. So I opted to be careful and use smaller, less noticeable tracts. This shopping center now has a 'Security' tower, which is elevated and I suppose if someone is in it can pretty much look over the whole shopping center. So I carefully have to give out tracts here. My time is over for the ban, but I know how possible it is to get caught again. Perhaps I would never be allowed in this shopping center again. Sad.
   We waited a long time for the truck, and I went into Target to pick up some things. On my way out, I saw two men walking and called out to them asking them if they ever got one. They looked like they were waiting, so I talked with them and explained the Gospel. I didn't realize one of them was the father of the other one. I talked for a couple minutes and explained the Gospel in more detail and gave him another tract. I also invited him to church and gave him a map to the building, since he didn't have a place where he was going to church at this time.
   He gave himself a 9 on the Good Person Test score, but he seemed to understand the Gospel when we were done talking. Please pray for him and his son. They are both named 'Aaron'. I don't know their hearts, but I pray that the connections to the Gospel would be made in their hearts. Pray that they would see their sin as serious before God.
   I don't know what will become of that, but what I do understand is that God is in complete control of everything. Perhaps he allowed the truck to be late so I could talk to Aaron and his son. Maybe God will work in the hearts of the other people I gave tracts and toys to. I don't know what He will do, but one day, it will make sense to me.
  As long as I am faithful in telling the Gospel to other people, it is up to God to bring about the results. From God's perspective, it wasn't a wasted day. Perhaps we will know on the other side what happened the day the truck was really late and we had time to kill.
  The truck did end up coming. And I was one of the last ones to leave the parking lot. But I felt joy because I was able to tell the Gospel to someone today.

"Then they left the presence of the council, erejoicing that they were counted worthy fto suffer dishonor for gthe name. 42 And every day, hin the temple and from house to house, they did not cease teaching and ipreaching jthat the Christ is Jesus."

Here is a message on evangelism taught by one of our pastors, Aaron Law: 

Both audio and notes are available for this message.

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