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Maraca with Bible Verse
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Everyday Evangelism - Are You On Satan's Hit LIst?

      In the book, 'One Thing You Can't Do in Heaven', there is a chapter called, 'Hit List'. The whole book is great and has several experiences recorded of Mark Cahill talking with people about the Gospel. There are some really interesting stories in the book! In the last chapter called 'Hit List', Mark talks about a situation where he goes into a prison to meet men who are prisoners and tell them the Gospel. Well, Mark was talking with a man who wanted to defect from a Mafia group, but this man's name was on a 'hit list'. In other words, the man who was leaving the Mafia group, wanted to get out of the group, but if the Mafia group knows that a person is leaving, they will put that person's name on a hit list, and make plans to kill him. Mark talked with the man, but had to be quiet because there were other prisoners who were part of this Mafia group and would kill the man he was talking to if that man were found out. The prisoner indicated where the cell was of a man who was planning on killing him. So Mark went to that cell and talked with the man in there. Mark explained the Gospel to him, and the man was ready to respond to the Lord. These people can be reached with the Gospel if we are willing to talk with them.
    The man who came to know the Lord had a hit list with the names of the people he was planning to kill. He gave the list to Mark, and Mark tried to contact them, so they could hear the Gospel message and be saved. What a wonderful story this is. What an impact this prisoner will have for the Kingdom of God.
   Just as the Mafia has a hit list with the names of the people they plan to kill for defecting, Satan has a hit list as well. Satan hates the Gospel. If we are taking an active stand for the Gospel, Satan won't be happy and will try to discourage us. He will do whatever possible to stop us. He will attack us with sickness, difficulties, discouragement, fear, and the list goes on. Don't get me wrong, God is in complete control and Satan has no power over us, unless we give it to him. Nothing will happen to us unless God allows it.
   Are you on Satan's hit list? Is the light of the true Gospel shining through you? Are you hungry for God's Word and for the Truth? Are you giving away that which God has given to you? Are you willing to stand up for the Gospel when it is compromised? How about going against the tide of what everyone thinks is ok vs. what is right in God's sight? These are questions I have to ask myself. We should all be asking ourselves these questions.
   If we are growing in the Lord, are spiritually healthy, and our identity is with the Lord, we will be on Satan's hit list. When we are gone, Satan will be celebrating. Will there be those who will be following in our footsteps? Do we want to be on Satan's 'hit list'?

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