Maraca with Bible Verse

Maraca with Bible Verse
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Friday, June 14, 2013

There Are No Coincidences With God

  God has a lot of qualities and all of them are good. God also has a sense of humor. I think God does things and allows things to happen to us, to show us that He is there and involved in our lives.
  One such situation happened to us on Sunday. But let me give you some background first. For the past six weeks, a man, who I will call 'John' has started coming to church. He had a stroke and is adversely affected by it. He has a hard time talking and says he is in pain. He is also partially blind. What little bit that I understood about him concerning his past, is that he was a strong person. He was a boxer and served in the military, but now, he can't even drive anymore. From what I can tell, he seems to want to be in church, even though he has to walk from his house to the building on Sunday mornings.
   I gave him a Bible, and a tract called, "How Good Are You?" and he took them and is holding onto them. I realized that the Bible (New Testament) that I bought him has wording that he can't read still, even though it is large print. Other people have chipped in and helped him as well. One young man took it upon himself to bring him to the church building when he is going there.
  It seems that everyone is starting to love 'John'. Many are reaching out to him. A couple of Sundays ago, we had a big lunch on the church property after the meeting time on Sunday morning. John was there and met some new people. He was asking us all how to be saved. We took him through the Gospel. My friend took him through the Gospel and led him to the Lord, later on that afternoon.
  John seems interested in joining the fellowship groups that meet on Wednesday evenings. We will try to find him one in the area his lives in.
  We had a meeting called 'Thirst' at our church building last Sunday, and John was there. This time, it appeared that he walked to the building, as the person who takes him wasn't there. When the meeting was over, it was dark out, so we wondered if John was going to walk home in the dark. We found him and asked, and he was going to do just that. So we offered to take him home. We didn't know where he lived, and he didn't know his address, but he knew the direction and was able to point us to where he lived while we were driving him home.
   We were the ones who were surprised though! John didn't live too far away, maybe a mile or so. As we were nearing the place that he was indicating was his abode, we were amazed, because it was the same place my husband and I lived, when we first got married! He lives in the same quadplex that we did! We just had to laugh at this. After all, we were the ones who brought him home this time. We might not have even known where he lived if we didn't offer to take him home that evening. If we ever have to locate him, we will know exactly where to go!

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