Maraca with Bible Verse

Maraca with Bible Verse
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Friday, September 14, 2012

"Orlando, Prepare to Come Home"

I only heard this story one time, so the details are sketchy, at best. But it is a good story, of an event that really happened, in Central Florida, years ago. It shows God's sovereignty and loving kindness in ensuring the Gospel message be given to those who are His.
A man would do evangelism on the streets on a Friday or Saturday evening. One particular evening, as he was preparing to go out, God put an impression in his thinking. He heard the words "Tell Orlando to prepare to come home". This detail is a bit sketchy because I really don't remember what the exact words were that this man was to give to Orlando. Obviously, he was going to be talking to a man named Orlando that evening.
  He met Orlando, and found that Orlando was a homeless man, who used a bicycle for transportation. The evangelist ministered the Gospel to Orlando, and gave him the message "Prepare to come home". Orlando responded to the Gospel and was planning on going to church the following Sunday morning, as the evangelist was going to pick him up and take him to the church meeting.
The Sunday morning came around. The evangelist came to pick up Orlando, at the particular area where he was staying. When he arrived, there were emergency vehicles everywhere, and a lot of commotion. Something was definitely going on, and the evangelist couldn't get to where Orlando was. The evangelist found out that Orlando went on his bike to the store to get breakfast, and got hit by a car. Basically, he was killed that morning. Isn't it a good thing to hear God's voice? In this case, I am sure Orlando is grateful to the evangelist who ministered the Gospel to him that Friday evening (or Saturday). Orlando got to hear the Gospel message just in time. His days were numbered, and the number for him was up. But God made sure that Orlando heard the Gospel, and caused him to repent and be saved. Thank God for His mercies and loving kindness!

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