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Maraca with Bible Verse
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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Everyday Evangelism - Not Allowed to Pass Out Tracts at my Local Grocery Store : (

Today was interesting. I actually have 2 grocery stores right by my house and each of them has a favorable aspect for me. The best aspect of course, is that people are in the parking lots of these stores. Most of the time, people are very friendly when I offer them a tract. I have never gotten caught by authorities before, but my son had, years ago, at least at one of the grocery stores I shop at.
   Today I was at the first grocery store and paid for my groceries and asked the lady if I had already given a tract to her. She said she did get one, and would be interested if I had others. I didn't have anything to give her (need to refill my purse with tracts!) except a 'How Good Are You' tract, which she took. I also gave some to some college age kids as they were finished shopping (Giant Money). They didn't want to take it at first because they thought it had something to do with Obama. That led to a wonderful discussion with them. They were not liberal students and didn't care for Obama and took the tracts gladly. I wished I would have had time to talk more with them.
    The next grocery store I went to is one of my favorites. I have made friends with people who work there and go there a couple of times a week. One of the cashiers/bag boys is Justin, who walked me out to the car one time and noticed the tracts and wanted more information about the Gospel. So I took time to explain the Gospel to him and have given him a Gospel of John, and today I gave him a New Testament (paperback put out by Living Waters ). He seemed to appreciate it and the neat thing about it is that the cover is just like the tract I gave him originally. So please pray for him that he will come to know the Lord and trust in Him.
  Last week, I saw a worker on break named Jason. I guess I gave him a tract already and he told me that he was in the same place the week before when I saw him. I looked for him today but did not see him. I was going to ask him if he read the tract (million dollar bill). Maybe another time I will see him again.
  Today was hard though because I have to make some decisions. I think the problem started when I was in the parking lot and offered a tract to an older woman. I explained it was a Gospel tract and she got angry. I actually was able to say to her 'Eternity doesn't end. It's up to you', but I don't think it came out very kind, I don't know. Anyway, as I was exiting the grocery store, a young man who worked in customer service came up to me and told me not to pass out tracts in the parking lot. He also used the word 'soliciting' and said that I wasn't allowed to do that. Now that I think back, I wouldn't be surprised if that angry lady called up the grocery store and told on me! How could someone who works in customer service even know that I was passing them out in the parking lot? I didn't even give out that many in that parking lot today! It's not likely that he saw me, but someone probably called in and complained. So, I have to decide if I should find another grocery store like that one, or continue to go, but give out the tracts only as I leave. I want to keep my friends there and minister the Gospel while I can. Hmmm. What to do....  I have a feeling this young man will not work there forever, but maybe for a season I could go somewhere else. But what about the people I have ministered to there? I don't want to leave them. Well, I guess I have to pray about what to do here. And pray for the older lady who was angry about the tract. And pray that I will know what to say to people who reject tracts and the Gospel without becoming angry at them!
  One more last thought. I sense that this is an attack from the Enemy of our souls to try to get me to stop giving out tracts and ministering at that particular store. That is good because it shows that God is at work. It is like putting peroxide on top of a cut. You know that it is working when there are bubbles and a lot of pain! I am surprised that evangelism seems rather easy here, at least most of the time. If it is always that easy, something must be wrong.
   Until next time........

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