Maraca with Bible Verse

Maraca with Bible Verse
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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Everyday Evangelism - What's Inside the Purse?

    I have always wanted to be like a Santa Claus for kids. It would be fun to give out toys at Christmas to children that don't have the luxuries that most of us have. What would be better is to be able to use the opportunity to be a Santa Claus type person, not only to give toys and presents out, but to use that opportunity to present the Gospel. Somehow there has to be a way, and I hope to find it soon!
   I have been imprinting toys for the past couple of years. It started with beach balls that have one side imprinted with "What can wash away my sin?", and on the opposite side, the answer is written, "Nothing but the blood of Jesus". Another toy was the maracas (see picture on side). They have the Bible verse, "There is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus". Then there are the flying discs (Frisbies). They have John 14:6 on them. What is cool is that now that I have some blog pages on the Gospel ( and I can have the url imprinted as well.
   I just ordered crayons and they have the QR code for, plus the url for the other one. The words say 'God is uncreated. He never had a beginning and has always been in existence."
  I have at least 50 assorted toys and I am going to take them to the park in a couple of weeks and we can give them out and use them as springboards to present the Gospel.
    I was at a jewelry party the other night, and the lady doing the party asked people to find something in their purses that begin with a certain letter. I had my purse unzipped, so you could see the toys in it. When she announced the letter 't', my friend pulled out a beach ball and it counted for the word 'toy'. Well this went on a couple of times, and I'm sure that the women in the room were beginning to wonder why a middle-aged woman would be carrying toys in her purse. It was kind of funny. Another part of the party, the lady giving the party asked each person if they had a thousand dollars, what would they do with it. For me it was a no brainer. I have always wanted to have a billboard that I could put Bible verses on, or the Gospel message, but I know a billboard would be way out of my range financially, so I am opting for another way. That way is to have toys imprinted and give them out at different occasions. I have even had adults ask for beach balls! When the turn came for me to answer the question, I said I want to buy more toys. Now the women in the room still didn't have a clue what the toys were for. So my friend who pulled the beach ball out of my purse explained what I was doing with the toys. It was like a light came on for the women. They thought that was a great idea. (They were all professing Christians). So, not only do I have the toys for kids (and adults) to enjoy and at the same time receive the message of the Gospel, but it encourages other Christians to be spreading the word.
  One more little story on this. The other day, I was getting out of my car and saw a couple of teen age boys going by. I had a flying disc in my purse, and asked them if they wanted a Frisbie. Of course, they said 'yes', so I took it out and flung it to them. I wished I had two of them, but I only had one. That's what I hope to do at the park. I pray that many will receive the toys with gladness, but even more, that God will give them spiritual eyes and they will be ministered to by the words on them.
  Let's pray that God will give us creative ways to share the Gospel!

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