Maraca with Bible Verse

Maraca with Bible Verse
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Friday, February 17, 2012

Everyday Evangelism - Just One of Those Days

   Today was just 'one of those days'. I had to go out to Park Ave. to get some spices, so I was planning on spending a little time walking down the street giving out tracts. The weather was nice, overcast, and not hot. One thing that would have discouraged me in doing evangelism in the past, is when I go out and see a lot of people and people reject the tracts I give them. I have to say that, when I go to Walmart or places similar to that, most people are very open to hearing the Gospel. I actually give tracts out, and when someone asks me what it is, I tell them it is a Gospel tract, and surprisingly, they take it and are thankful for it. I expect them to hand it back to me.
   I did not have that experience today. As I went down the street giving out tracts, I got the same response; "No Thank you". Over and over again, except for one family, the answer was the same. Normally, in my lack of understanding the sovereignty of God, I would have taken it as a sign that God wasn't happy with me or that I was out of His will, etc. But this time, I was ok. It really doesn't matter how people respond, in one sense, because the word of God will enter the hearts of those He has prepared.
   On the way back to the car, a couple of people took tracts. There was a girl sitting in a car looking at the tracts, and as I thought about giving her one, I decided to open my purse and pull out a beach ball. After I was finished with that, I turned to the car and noticed the window was rolled up. Here we go again. Perhaps the people had already received tracts that I gave them and have made their decision to reject the Gospel. I don't know, but I pray that God will reach into their hearts and make them soft and tender to the Gospel message, and should they have another opportunity to hear it again, maybe they will be open to it.
   I did learn a couple of things though. One of them was that (and I already know this, but understanding it is another thing), people who are wealthy have much less concern about their souls. The Bible is very clear that it is hard for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God. But the Bible also tells us that with God, nothing is impossible. The other thing I realize is that people who are middle aged and older (and even the younger generation that stroll down this street) are very skeptical. They really don't want to take anything from a stranger as many of them have been taken advantage of sometime in their lives. Many of them don't even give a consideration of taking the tract. They just automatically say, 'No Thanks". I can understand. Many people, even Christians, have been manipulative in the past. Cults are pushy, and salespeople have to put food on the table, so there is pressure for them to make the buck. I would probably be the same way. But they do need the Gospel, and there needs to be a way to reach them.
   I did start to talk to two young men that were from an Islamic background, but they had to go somewhere quickly. They were kind, but it was hard to talk to them because they didn't speak English very well. Here is when it would be handy to learn another language!
   Anyway, no need to be discouraged when you get turned down in giving out tracts. There are some people you will give tracts to that are elect. They will receive the Gospel when God makes them ready. Our job is to pray, sow, plant, and water. God is the only One who can give life, and we have to remember that. We can't make salvation happen for anyone. Salvation is of the Lord, not of us. We need to get out there and preach and present the Gospel. God will do the rest.

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