Maraca with Bible Verse

Maraca with Bible Verse
1 Timothy 2:5

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Are You Prepared For The Hurricane?

At this time, we are aware of a hurricane that could come our way. In 2004, our town was devastated by Hurricane Charlie, but even as bad as that was, it was no match for Hurricane Katrina. Many lost their lives through that. Are you ready for the hurricane that could hit your town?

We have been warned. We have enough technology available to us to help us prepare for the oncoming hurricane, should it be here in a couple of days. But there is another warning that we must pay attention to.

God tells us in His word that a day is coming where all will be judged for their sins. It will be a horrible day for many. God will tell many, many people to depart from Him and He will have them sent to the Lake of Fire. But why does God send people there anyway?

God is pure and without any sin. He has no defect in Him at all. When God made human beings, they were not sinners. But one day, the devil lied to Eve and she fell for it by breaking a command God gave to her and Adam. Ever since that event, every person who has been born (except for 1) has a sinful, selfish heart. Unless a person repents of their sin and turns to God, they will not be accepted into heaven.

Mankind sinned. God provided a covering for our sins. He made an atonement for us when He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, 2,000 years ago, to live a perfect live, and then to die a horrible death to pay for our sins. He had no sin of His own to pay for. Only a person who has no sin of their own can possibly pay the penalty for the sins of others.

He died on a Cross, was buried, and rose again the 3rd day. He walked around earth for about 40 days then was taken back up to heaven. He is aware of what is going on here and He is praying for those who belong to Him. He is coming back again to take those who are His, with Him. Are you ready to meet Him?

So, will the hurricane hit your area? Will it be devastating to your community?  Will it be life threatening to you or your family? If it is, will you be ready to meet your Maker?

You will not be able to say that you have not been warned!

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