Maraca with Bible Verse

Maraca with Bible Verse
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Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Power of Prayer and the Privilege of Praying

   As I get older, I am seeing more and more of the kingdom of God unfold. More and more of the Bible makes sense, and the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place and forming a clearer picture.
   In our Christian, or church life world, we are very sheltered. We tend to not see the evil that is going on in the world. The Bible describes evil and we are to be fighting against it. One of the spiritual weapons we are to use is prayer. I think, to some, this sounds too simplistic though.
   Prayer involves faith. It is not just mumbling a set of words to God every day, telling Him what we want and need. We are in a spiritual battle, and God doesn't want us to be ignorant of the devil's devices (or tricks).
   The devil would like nothing more than to lie to each one of us. The Bible says he is the 'Father of lies'. He tells us that everything is ok, when things are not ok. He tells us we are good, when we really aren't. He tells us that other people are good, when they aren't. How many times have we seen a murderer who has been arrested, have people defend him on television? "He wouldn't do anything like that." "He was a nice, quiet guy." "He wouldn't hurt a fly." and other such sayings. That is because the murderer was created in God's image, and is capable of doing some good things. People who do good things, can also do very bad things.
  What I am thinking about today, is the need to pray for people to be able to escape the enslavement of the Sex-Trafficking dilemma. Young girls are molested and brought into this outside of their will. They become slaves to those who are controlling them, and can't get out. This is where we need to be praying. We need to pray for those who are holding them hostage, to let them go. We need to be praying that they will get caught, and that this evil work will not stay hidden.
   Let us not be so naive as to think that such things really don't happen. They do. As people move further and further away from God, we can expect more and more violence and terror out of our societies, even when we think they are safe.
   I am posting this article here, because this weekend, the Superbowl is taking place. Many Christians are excited because they are at the Superbowl evangelizing at this moment. They need our prayers. But while that is going on, there are people who remain hidden, but are gathered at this event, for the sole purpose of using young girls to be used in the sex-trade activity. The Bible says that our battle is not against flesh and blood. It is against the evil, spiritual world. It goes on to say that we need to be wearing the spiritual armor so we can fight in this battle. This is not a battle that we can take a large group of people with artillery prepared to fight against the leaders in the sex-trafficking network. We have to pray, diligently, because young women are being enslaved against their will and will be destroyed in the end, if they are not rescued. We need to intercede for them before it is too late.
   I am posting a url from a news article, told by a woman who got out of this trap. Please read it, and pray for God to intervene. If your daughter or granddaughter were to be taken by one of these monsters, you would do whatever you could to get your loved one back. Let's pray for the freedom for these captives, and let's pray for salvation to come to those who are far away and for the light of the Gospel to shine into the dark places.

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