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Maraca with Bible Verse
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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Everyday Evangelism - What Can Tracts Do?

    Tracts are one of those interesting things in the world of evangelism. Some evangelistic people love them, while others hate them. Some prefer a clever type tract while others want an upfront type of tract. And there are others who prefer no tract, just an upfront conversation. God can work in all of these methods, and there isn't only one way of doing evangelism the right way.
   Last week, I was in the grocery store and was in a hurry as well. I actually opted for the bagboy to take my groceries out, because it would save me time to have to bring the cart in (You know I am in a big hurry when I decide to let the bagboy take the cart to my car!). On the way out, the young man told me that he had the tract that I was holding, a Giant Money tract  (I probably gave him one before). When we were outside, he told me he didn't understand it. I made sure it wasn't the quiz part that he wasn't talking about, and started asking him questions about the Gospel. I was able to share the Gospel with him in just a few moments, and direct him to my web site and email. He appeared to want to know more. Please pray for him. His name is Justin. I also gave him another tract (How Good Are You?). He seemed to get the Gospel message.
   Today, we were on our way home from a trip to Georgia, and I put a Million Dollar bill tract in the restroom. After we were all getting in the car, my daughter had just come from the restroom and told me what happened. An older lady who worked at the restaurant found the tract and wondered if it were real. She was having a conversation with another older woman and seemed pretty excited about finding the tract. I pray that she will take it home and read it (and still be excited about it!) and that God will work in her heart.
  A couple of miles down the road we stopped for groceries and gas. While we were out I was getting ready to pay for some coffee and I took out a Million Dollar bill tract. The cashier looked at it in wonder. I gave it to her explaining that it was my late Christmas present to her. She was excited about getting it to keep. I explained that it had the Gospel message on it. She seemed to be delighted with it, and another worker (I think) was in wonder of it too, so I gave her one as well. They were thankful for them.
  Things like this happen often when I give out tracts. That doesn't mean that everyone who gladly takes one gets saved. But I have seen people look at them and read them aloud! One lady couldn't get over the fact that looking with lust at another person was the same as committing adultery (at heart). Another bagboy found one and said that there is no way that anyone can know if they are going to heaven after they die, which started a conversation about the Gospel.
   Having said all this, I have to say that every person has their own style of doing evangelism and communicating with people. Please don't feel condemned if you don't feel comfortable using money tracts. Living Waters ( has a lot of different types of tracts available for you to work with, or if you aren't comfortable with using tracts, there are other valid ways to communicate the Truths of the Gospel. But I love this way because it provides a natural ice-breaker that can lead to the Gospel.
   One more thing. It really does make a difference if you smile when you give tracts out. Take it from my experience. People are more ready to warm up to you and feel comfortable about taking the tract if you are smiling and friendly toward them. Remember, it is only 5% of the people that won't want the tract. And for the 95% that will take it, it is worth the risk of rejection by the 5%.
   I have heard reports that people have been saved by reading a Gospel tract. You really never know where the tracts will end up or who will end up reading them, but we pray over them and give them out and one day in heaven, we will see the fruit of our labors.

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